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SMT1000RM2U vs SMT1500RM2U

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Tyler , 24 days ago
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SMT1000RM2U vs SMT1500RM2U

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  • Through my research i had found that there wasn't many differences between these two models except the batteries inside of them?


    Does anyone know of any differences between these units?

  • In a nutshell, the power output capability is the main difference regardless if they are using the same battery packs or not.  For example, an SMT3000 uses exactly the same battery packs as does an SMT2200 the only difference being is that the larger one can handle more load but for a shorter period of time.

  • Thank you for the reply. I was thinking that was it when looking at specs. Do you know anything about the SMT1000 not having a fan inside as where the SMT1500 does? Is that something that isn't needed?

  • My SMT1000 does indeed have a fan inside.  It runs continually and I have installed screens on both the input and output to keep the thing cleaner.  If your SMT1000 doesn't seem to have a fan it may not be running for whatever reason.

  • Interesting... I'm assuming it's due to being an older unit from 2012 that maybe mine doesn't have one installed. I looked at the board and it doesn't even seem like there is a place for a fan header.

  • Mine was built in 6/20/2011 so that may be the difference.  Worst case, you could always install a slow running, very quite fan and power it from somewhere on the main board itself if it doesn't have a fan header.  APC folks shun talking about modifying their equipment but to each his or her own.

  • That is very interesting. Maybe I can reach out to them to see why my unit wouldn't have a fan installed. I was thinking of installing a fan but I didn't want something to be an issue later on. I also just don't want the heat to be an issue either when the UPS is running.

  • Tyler,

    I re-read the title of your original post and failed to realize that you were referencing a rack mount unit whereas mine is a tower configuration.  My apologies.

  • Ohh, ok no worries. Maybe that answers my question.

  • I got both in tower version and I also noticed the 1500 has a fan but the 1000 doesn't  and was thinking to add one but at the end decided it was not worth  because it only powers a NAS that requires less than 30 Watts and is programmed to shut itself off after 5 minutes,  giving plenty reserve time to the SMT1000 ( this NAS can also turn off the UPS if I choose to do that).  By the way I removed the inside lateral battery guide holders of this SMT1000 ( there are several videos on youtube as how to do it) and replaced both original 10 Ah batteries with the same 18 Ah   the SMT 1500 uses.  I also got the same 50 Amp battery connector that came with the SMT1500 and adapted it to the SMT1000 so I have the same battery pack model  on both,  doubled the SMT 1000 reserve time and is very easy to remove it as is on the SMT 1500.

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