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Missing "Basic Signaling Shutdown" in NMC2 menu "Configuration>Shutdown" | Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM

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Missing "Basic Signaling Shutdown" in NMC2 menu "Configuration>Shutdown"

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Gerhard , 1/16/2021 6:37 PM
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Posted in: General

Missing "Basic Signaling Shutdown" in NMC2 menu "Configuration>Shutdown"

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  • I cannot de-activate the "Basic Signaling Shutdown" feature with the help of the web management tool of the NMC2 in my Smart-UPS 2200 as it simply doesn't exist in the configuration menu... 
    As I have configure a PCNS (on my connected server) I don't need to have the signaling cable option enabled.

    My question is: Why doesn't this option exist in my system - not in the help documentation nor in the web admin tool? 


    This was actually triggered by my irritation about the entry "Basic Low Battery Duration" which was then answered by user "Bill" in this forum: https://forums.apc.com/spaces/7/ups-management-devices-powerchute-software/forums/general/10956/nmc-low-battery-duration-vs-nmc-basic-low-battery-duration#64821

    Any help/hint is appreciated very much!



  • I might have to add some more details here in order to explain my irritation and my question more clearly:

    On page 30 of the "User Guide - UPS Network Management Card 2" I find the following explanation for the "Basic Signaling Shutdown":

    Basic Signaling Shutdown.

    Basic Signaling or “Simple Signaling” is a simple method of communication between a UPS and a server, workstation or third party system. The Interface Expander 2 (AP9624) is a Smart Slot accessory that can provide simple signaling for your UPS. UPS Simple Signaling can provide notification and graceful system shutdown, but does not provide the continuous advanced monitoring features available with advanced or smart signaling

    Note: If you are using PowerChute Network Shutdown (PCNS), it is not recommended to use Basic Signaling Shutdown. For certain UPS models, options such as Basic Shutdown Delay can impact UPS shutdown and supersede the Low Battery Duration, which is used by PowerChute to calculate the total shutdown time required.


    Consequently, as I am using PCNS, I would want to deactivate "Basic Signaling Shutdown". 
    My problem is simply that this feature does not show up anywhere in the web admin tool 
    of the NMC2. 

    Could it be, that this option would only show up in the GUI if the mentioned "Interface Expander 2 (AP9624)"
    would be attached?

    Any help or hint is appreciated very much!

    -  Gerhard 


    PS:  The User Guide im am referring to is this version:

    User Guide  - UPS Network Management Card 2
    AP9630, AP9631, AP9635  990-3402N-001



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