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Smart 3000VA power consumption

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by David , 12/9/2020 6:29 PM
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Smart 3000VA power consumption

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  • Hello all

    Could someone tell me how to find out the power consumption of this UPS please?

    Thank you


  • When you say power consumption what do you mean?

    The unit will charge the batteries at about 10% of it's total capacity, so the power consumption is about 290ish watts during that phase. We would call the difference between the input and the output it's power factor for some models that can be as high as 99.9% when running on mains power, it more based around losses in conversion rather than actual power consumption.

    Other than that we'd need need to know exactly which model it is, what mode it's running in and what you mean exactly by power consumption. The amount of load attached also plays a part in the units efficiency, a big UPS with a small load will be less efficient that if the unit's VA rating is closer to the load.


  • Hi Gavan

    Thanks for your reply. And you have a good question.

    I should probably have said 'energy consumption'. 

    What I ultimately need is an idea of the amount of kWh the UPS will use per year.

    The assumption would be that anything plugged into it would not fail so would never need charging. So the energy consumption would be the quiescent load of the UPS itself.

    However I may have misunderstood how the UPS works and this assumption is unrealistic.

    The model is this one: https://www.apc.com/shop/ro/en/products/APC-Smart-UPS-XL-Modular-3000VA-230V-Rackmount-Tower/P-SUM3000RMXLI2U

    Does that give you all the information you need to assist?

    Thanks again!


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    If we assume the UPS is plugged in and no load is connected then it will be quite efficient, assuming your also using the network management card it should be sub 100-50 watts, but that's a bit of a guess.


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    On 14/12/2020 4:13 PM, Gavan said:

    sub 100-50 watts, but that's a bit of a guess.

    Not far from the mark. I have an SUA3000 with power meters pre and post. On the whole the overhead of the UPS alone is sub 50W at 240V. It usually idles between 40 & 50W (within the margin of error of measurement anyway). Input - Output with a constant ~300W load through the UPS.

  • Thanks both!

  • What I eventually need is a thought of the measure of kWh the UPS will utilize every year. The presumption would be that anything connected to it would not bomb so could never require charging. So the energy utilization would be simply the tranquil heap of the UPS. Anyway I may have misconstrued how the UPS functions and this supposition that is unreasonable. 


  • Hi 

    I only have the power consumption at full load which is 142W.  



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