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PowerChute- Best Pratice

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Stanley , 5/13/2020 6:30 AM
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PowerChute- Best Pratice

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  • Hi 

    I Have Two sites connected, each of site have,

    Site 1 = 1 Esxi Host, . 10 VM servers, 2 Ups 5Kvas, 1 Vcenter

    Site 2 = 1 Esxi Host, 10 VM servers, 2 Ups 5Kvas


    The VCenter is on Site 1, wich controll both Site

    The Powerchute is Virtual Machine, installed in Vcenter, we import OVA file.

    I still read some brochure , i saw some cases we need to install Power Shute in Phisical Machine. so i am not clear in Pro and Consabout.

    What i need from you is what is the Best Pratice i can implemente with this Cenario? if need more information please fell free i can provide.

    Ex: if i have power failure in site 2, how the Vcenter can manage to shutdown and power on the Vms, as is at another site wich as no power failure?

    I need to install Powershute ina Phisical Machine, on each site?


  • Hi,

    It is recommended to install PowerChute on a physical machine but not necessary. You can install the PowerChute OVA on each host and configure them to communicate with vCenter running at another site. When configuring PowerChute only select the ESXi host you would like it to power down. 

  • Thanks Bill

    Can i have a link to download the Latest OVA file i think is 4.3.?

    and how Power Shutle can Shutdown Cisco UCS Chassis, its a device which only have ip, and don't have OS?

    Thanks again

    Your support is 5 Star

  • Hi,

    Here is a link to PowerChute https://www.apc.com/shop/us/en/categories/power/uninterruptible-power-supply-ups-/ups-management/powerchute-network-shutdown/N-auzzn7 Select PowerChute for virtualization 64bit system download and download the virtual appliance.

    As for the Cisco chassis, if it can be controlled remotely you could write an SSH script that PowerChute would trigger to command the chassis down. I suggest you check with Cisco support and or Cisco forum for assistance with SSH script.  



  • Thanks


    What cab teh the main issue to receive this error:

    i install the new OVA File 4.3,

  • Hi,

    Open the PowerChute web client and click on Help, Help Content. Then from the content menu select Troubleshooting, VMware Troubleshooting. All of the errors you are seeing are discussed along with solutions. 

    For the vCenter server issue, varify the login credentials are correct and the IP address or host name is correct. The PowerChute VM issue is usually an IP address issue. 

  • Thanks Bill for the Support

    Please can u give u suggestion of the setting i done:

    The Run time of both Ups is 35 Min


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