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SMART UPS C1500, battery issue? | Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM

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SMART UPS C1500, battery issue?

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Angelo , 5/2/2020 7:28 AM
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SMART UPS C1500, battery issue?

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  • Angelo

    Hi, I have a question about the battery. I bought this unit and I got it yasterday but the battery is still not at 100%, I installed the software and looking at the "data log" battery is charge at 99.5 max, with a load of 22,7%. It's normal or I must run the calibration that at this moment it's blank (can't select it)? Self test seem ok. Sorry for my bad english I hope that my message it's readable.

  • wpasquil


    There is no need to run a calibration. If the UPS were to switch to battery it will sustain the load. A run time calibration should only be required when old batteries are replaced and the estimated run time is found to be significantly inaccurate after the replacement. 

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