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SRT1000UXI-LI - Firmware?

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by K , 4/17/2020 3:21 PM
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Posted in: General

SRT1000UXI-LI - Firmware?

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  • smargh


    UPS P/N SRT1000UXI-LI - it's a li-ion model. Maybe this was how li-ion UPSes were named, before they started to be called the SRTL series? The SRTL series is listed as a product on the website, but there's very little mentioned about SRT1000UXI-LI - there's not even a product page. Maybe it was lost in the slow migration to using the Schneider web site?

    I have two questions!

    1) This is the FAQ page - https://www.se.com/ww/en/faqs/FA279197/ The latest firmware update tool specifically says to check that FAQ to do a firmware update with the wizard, but the FAQ only gives options which specifically exclude UXI models. Is the FAQ just missing links to the li-ion model firmware updates & so the web page needs updating, or are there no firmware updates for it at all?

    The NMC shows the UPS ID as ID1024, firmware version 00.3

    2) Perhaps consider, in consultation with your battery engineers, adding a UPS interface option, or battery management controller firmware option, to only charge lithium batteries to a certain percentage of their capacity, which will perhaps (??) extend their service life for a few years longer? For example, I'd *love* to see an option to stop charging at around 80%, to make the battery module last for as long as possible.

    Just as you have a "Green Mode" to reduce power consumption by 9 watts, perhaps the option to maximise battery life (at the cost of runtime during power loss) could be a radio button selection, switching between "Battery Mode: Runtime" and "Battery Mode: Lifetime", along with an explanatory note about the lower runtime.


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