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SC 1000 keeps dropping power when AC is present | Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM

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SC 1000 keeps dropping power when AC is present

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Dorman , 13 days ago
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Posted in: General

SC 1000 keeps dropping power when AC is present

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  • ddkehr

    I have a SC1000 that drops power to devices when receiving A/C, but provides power when on battery. Replaced batteries with new APC batteries and it still is doing this. This unit has had very light duty and currently only has a light plugged into it for testing. Using PowerChute to monitor unit, logs show everything as good. When running self-test power to devices comes on, when finished power stops, self-test is passed. Data log is: 

    3/26/20 11:57:18 120.0 120.0 26.8 100 60.0 60.0 10.4 2.0

    Event log is:

    3/26/20 12:11:00 Self Test Passed
    3/26/20 12:10:53 Self Test Initiated
    3/26/20 12:07:39 No Longer On Battery
    3/26/20 12:07:33 On Battery
    3/26/20 11:16:57 Communication Established
  • liamg

    Hi Dorman - 

    Just so I understand correctly  - When the UPS show that it is "online", it does not output power, but when it it is "on battery" during a self test, it does? Is there any change in this behavior if you unplug the UPS to simulate a self test rather than using the self test function? Also - Can you verify the exact model and serial number of the UPS? It will be on a white sticker, likely on te back of the unit.




  • ddkehr


    Thank you for your quick reply. Yes it exhibits the same behavior when unplugged from AC, it starts an audible alert and there is power to the outlets. As soon as AC is restored it shuts off power to the outlets. The model and serial are as follows: Model: SC1000 Serial: 5S0951T39635.



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