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Smart UPS 1000I NET

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Alec , 12/17/2019 10:03 PM
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Smart UPS 1000I NET

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  • Haig

    Hello Everyone,

    Long time reader, have not posted anything as of yet on the forum. I have a question now that I cannot seem to find an answer for at all.

    I have had and used, for many years an APC Smart-UPS 1000I NET with serial number GS9814430025.  For reference, it has an AP9631 NMC2 Rhodes in it.  I recently had to replace the batteries, as the cells that were in the unit started going towards the end of their useful life. In replacing the batteries, I reset the battery constant values in the EEPROM, and somehow pressed the dreaded Ctrl-Y in the tty session, clearing the EEPROM.

    I was, subsequently, able to restore the values of the EEPROM, at least as far as I can pick up, correctly. And herein the question. Would anyone that have one of these units be able to extract the EEPROM values for me from their unit, for verification, please?  I would be interested in comparing the values of a SUA 1000I NET also, as I think these values may be close or the same.

    Here are the values that I currently have captured (as extracted with APCUPSD):

    1) Query the UPS for all known values
    2) Perform a Battery Runtime Calibration
    3) Abort Battery Calibration
    4) Monitor Battery Calibration progress
    5) Program EEPROM
    6) Enter TTY mode communicating with UPS
    Q) Quit

    Select function number: 1

    I am going to run through the series of queries of the UPS
    that are used in initializing apcupsd.

    Simulating UPSlinkCheck ...
    Wrote: Y Got: SM
    Attempting to use smart_poll() ...
    Sent: Y Got: SM Good -- smart_poll() works!.

    Going to ask for valid commands...
    Wrote: a Got: 3.?=.-789>@ABCDEFGKLMNOPQRSUVWXYZ'abcefgjklmnopqrsuxyz~
    Protocol version is: 3
    Alert characters are: ?=
    Command characters are: ^A^N^Z-789>@ABCDEFGKLMNOPQRSUVWXYZ'abcefgjklmnopqrsuxyz~

    Now running through apcupsd get_UPS capabilities().
    NA indicates that the feature is Not Available

    UPS Status: 08
    Line quality: FF
    Reason for last transfer to batteries: S
    Self-Test Status: NO
    Line Voltage: 231.4
    Line Voltage Max: 231.4
    Line Voltage Min: 230.1
    Output Voltage: 231.4
    Batt level percent: 079.0
    Batt voltage: 28.14
    UPS Load: 000.0
    Line freq: 50.00
    Runtime left: 0287
    UPS Internal temp: 028.8
    Dip switch settings: 00
    Register 1: 00
    Register 2: 00
    Register 3: 00
    Sensitivity: H
    Wakeup delay: 000
    Sleep delay: 020
    Low transfer voltage: 196
    High transfer voltage: 253
    Batt charge for return: 00
    Alarm status: N
    Low battery shutdown level: 02
    UPS Name: UPS_IDEN
    UPS Self test interval: 336
    UPS manufacture date: 04/01/98
    UPS serial number: GS9814430025
    Date battery replaced: 12/09/19
    Output voltage when on batteries: 230
    Nominal battery voltage: 024
    Percent humidity: NA
    Ambient temperature: NA
    Firmware revision: 60.9.I
    Number of external batteries installed: 000
    Number of bad batteries installed: NA
    UPS model as defined by UPS: SMART-UPS 1000
    UPS EPROM capabilities string: uD43132135138129uM43229234239224uA43110112114108uI43253264271280lD43103100097106lM43177172168182lA43090092081085lI43196188208204e44200155090oI43230240220225oD13115oJ13100oM13208s441HMLLq44202050710p443020180300600k4410TLNr443000060180300E443336168ON OFF
    The EPROM string is 253 characters long!
    Hours since last self test: NA

    That is all for now.

    I attach here the following:
    Image with model and serial numbers
    Image of front of unit

    Would anyone that have one of these units be able to extract the EEPROM values possibly for me from their unit, for verification, please?

    Relevant devices SU1000INET SURT1000XLI
  • Haig


    Relevant devices SU1000INET SURT1000XLI
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