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Smart UPS-3000 Imminent Battery Failure?

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Simon , 11/11/2019 4:29 PM
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Smart UPS-3000 Imminent Battery Failure?

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  • Ops_Opal

    Recently we had to replace the battery in an identical UPS bought and commissioned at a similar time to three others (it will be 3 years in March I believe). Now the two UPS's I have onsite (not the one that failed) pass all their Self Tests, both have 100% charge, and nothing seems amiss on the logs. But one has 4 mins life and one has 22~ mins according to the LCD. This has got me concerned and I can't find any more detailed log from a self test or anymore meaningful information. Is it likely this one is also about to fail? Are there anymore informative tests I can run? Can this be periodically performed (if it exists)?

    I am especially watchful on this given we had a recent power cut, and there was no controlled shutdown. But I know this was down to misconfiguration of the PCNS. I am getting the house in order on that front but I want o make sure the hardware is all in good health before I push the red button so to speak on the PCNS config.


  • MattK

    Hi Simon

    You may want to perform a runtime calibration on the UPS

    Here's an FAQ with the steps 





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