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Installing Powercute Business shut down my server

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Vincent , 8/9/2019 4:31 PM
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Installing Powercute Business shut down my server

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  • vreggie

    I inherited an HP Proliant Windows 2012 server.  The server had a pre-existing SMART-UPS 1500, but no Powerchute software installed (at least from initial inspection).  Upon attempting to install PowerChute, about 3/4 of the way through the install (shortly after the request for a username\password) the machine started shutting down.  I manually had to turn the server back on, but it immediately shutdown again.

    I disconnected the USB cable from the UPS and the machine stayed on.  Parsing through the System Event Logs I clearly found both instance of the Powerchute agent issuing a "shutdown" command.

    I can only assume that at some point PowerChute was installed (before I took over) and they had the same issue and just uninstalled it, leaving behind the same settings in the registry?

    The issue now is I cannot uninstall the PowerChute application.  It shows up in "Programs and Features" but cannot be uninstalled (clicking "Uninstall" initiates an install.  The application is listed in "Programs" but fails to launch.  I know there is a secret manual uninstall floating around, do I need to request this from support?  Any ideas on what's going on with my immediate shutdown issues?

  • wpasquil


    The secret manual is Schneider Electric FAQ FA159894

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