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SYPM4KP reported as Bad, EEPROM Info

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Freddy , 8/2/2019 8:06 PM
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SYPM4KP reported as Bad, EEPROM Info

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  • fmrivero


    I am facing a problem with a Symmetra LX 16KVa UPS. The Power Modules (SYPM4KP) have been reported as bad by the UPS, I tried to find out why the modules are failing, but I didn't find anything wrong with the circuits.

    These modules consist of 3 boards: inverter, PFC and control board.

    I think a board is failing, so to determine which board is bad, I used an operating module from another UPS to test.

    I tried two control cards and the UPS reported it as bad, so the control cards are the ones that may be failing. But, when I return the power module with its original boards to its UPS, it reports it as bad.

    The UPS and the power modules are quite old (year 2006), I know that it must be replaced by aging, but by the current conditions in my country that is not possible for now.

    So, I think the UPS marks the power module as bad for aging, although it is operational. This is similar to the battery module, when they are replaced by new ones.

    Recently I had a problem with battery replacement and had to apply a procedure to reset the internal EEPROM. This worked well and the battery modules were operational. And I'm thinking that the same thing is happening with the power modules, so I tried a similar procedure, however I can't find any documentation about it anywhere.

    I was able to extract the memory from a control card and read it with a homemade EEPROM reader, but I have not been able to understand the internal information.

    Has anyone in this forum faced this situation?

    I would be very grateful for the help you could give me.

    Best regards.





  • fmrivero

    After several days analyzing the information of the EEPROM (93LC66) and comparing it with the information of other damaged power modules, I managed to identify part of the internal structure.
    I found where the bytes for the checksum are stored and to calculate it, so now I can change the serial number and the date of manufacture. However, I don't know what information saves the bytes that change between one module and another.
    In the UPS there are operational power modules, but for obvious reasons I am not authorized to disconnect them, remove the EEPROM and read its contents.
    It would be helpful to know if anyone has had experience with this procedure.

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