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SMT3000RM2U AVR Relay Fault- info on relays? | Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM

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SMT3000RM2U AVR Relay Fault- info on relays?

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Charles , 8/2/2019 3:38 AM
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SMT3000RM2U AVR Relay Fault- info on relays?

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  • Hi everyone, I have an old SMT3000RM2U that I would like to keep running if possible. Last night it shut off power to all outlets and recorded a "Critical - UPS: An automatic voltage regulator (AVR) relay fault exists." error. I know that APC doesn't recommend replacing parts like this, but if someone who is familiar with the specific relays that need to be replaced in the AVR circuit I would greatly appreciate the specific relays to purchase. I would much prefer to replace this unit, but due to its remote location, it would be difficult to get a new unit there. Thank you very much!

  • Hi Charles,

    Before considering a UPS replacement, I recommend performing a logic reset (braindead), to try and recover the UPS - UPS units can log AVR events due to input conditions too, so the AVR alert doesn't necessarily indicate a hardware issue.


  • Hi  Szabi , Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I'm not physically at the UPS so a logic reset is not possible. I don't see that kind of reset available via the network card. Due to the age of the unit, I think it's safe to assume failing relays. Since this unit is located remotely, taking the necessary relays with me when I return in a few weeks would give me a (big) head start on the repair. The best option I can figure out so far is https://www.digikey.com/products/en/relays/power-relays-over-2-amps/188?k=&pkeyword=&sv=0&pv72=12&sf=1&FV=1140050%2C16040014%2Cffe000bc%2Cffec12ea&quantity=&ColumnSort=0&page=1&stock=1&pageSize=100

    What do you think?

  • Hi Charles,

    APC does not do any type of repair on these generally because we usually replace the UPS for this issue if it was in warranty and if the alert couldn't be cleared by a logic reset. 

    Thus, I am not sure how to repair it or what the appropriate replacement relays would be - from the APC side, my recommendation would be to replace the unit if the braindead doesn't help, as we do not have information on repairing these. 

    Not sure if anyone else has any other information they'd like to provide on what they've done on their own.

  • So, I finally arrived at the UPS's physical location. Logic reset didn't change the AVR error. I didn't think it would, and I don't like devices that "might" fail at some time in the near future. The relays for the AVR circuit on the power board are Omron G8P-1C4P-A01, stamped "1171H1", NO:30A, NC:20A.(through-hole). This is an obsolete relay that is no longer available. An option would be https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/T9AS1D12-24/PB303-ND/254520/?itemSeq=302753120  There are 6 relays on the power board, and I replaced all 6 of them. There is one more equivalent relay on another board, but since replacing the 6 at or close to the AVR circuit worked as a solution I didn't bother to change out the 7th on the other board. Hope this is helpful to someone else. Cheers to everyone. Thanks for the input.

  • On 12/9/2019 2:52 AM, Charles said:

    replacing the 6 at or close to the AVR circuit worked as a solution

    Nice work and thanks for both coming back to close it out and the pointer to an alternative part number. Both pieces of information that are rare and valuable.

    I just did the same thing on an old SU2200 (Built 2001) and those relays are still current and in production. I love working on these old workhorses. Aside from the few bespoke parts, they are generally built well and relatively easy to repair.


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