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technical meaning of "The battery is not installed properly"

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Joseph , 6/14/2019 2:58 PM
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technical meaning of "The battery is not installed properly"

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  • jhaefeli

    My SUA1000 (the black model) w/ AP9617 sent out these alerts a few nights ago:

    Critical- The battery is not installed properly.

    Then a few seconds later:

    Informational - UPS: The battery is now installed.

    It did 15 cycles of this over a span of a few minutes.

    No other messages at all.  The batteries are 2 yrs old.  I've never seen this message before on this UPS nor on any of the other multiple Smart-UPS's I have.

    Does anyone know specifically, technically what condition triggers this alert???

    This UPS is at a remote site and isn't allowed to self-test.  Before I go visit it, I'd like to know what the problem might be.


  • liamg

    It would typically mean the battery is physically disconnected, or that it has entirely failed. I would physically inspect the unit as soon as possible.

  • jhaefeli

    In this situation there are only two batteries, and they are connected in series.  So that rules out physically disconnected.

    I visited the unit last week and the batteries appear to be fine.  I ran it disconnected from the mains for 10 minutes and it ran just fine.

    Fifteen minutes after I'd restored the power, the front panel "replace battery" light came on.

    I'll take it to mean the "The battery is not installed properly" is another way of saying the battery is reaching end of life.

    I'm taking new batteries there tomorrow.... hope that makes it happy.



  • jhaefeli

    EDIT:  The batteries are 4 years old, not 2.  It's about time to replace them I'd say...

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