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Firmware Updates / UPS or NMC

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Byron , 6/6/2019 3:06 AM
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Firmware Updates / UPS or NMC

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  • bjcsoln

    Hi, I have an SMT3000RM2UC that I just added a 9630 NMC card to. I am having troubles with getting the network shutdown to work so I thought I would start with the firmware. I was able to log onto the NMC using the web browser interface, and when I went to Configuration/Firmware update under UPS Firmware / Current version it says "ID1015UPS 3.5".

    When I check out the APC site, the only firmware updates I see are for the NMC cards, so for the 9630 I downloaded the apc_hw05_aos672_sy672_bootmon108.exe file (I couldn't find anything that was specifically for the UPS). I tried using this as the "update from local machine" but it did not work.

    So question: For the firmware update - is it for the UPS or for the NMC? If it is for the NMC, is the above process correct or am I in the UPS firmware section and I need to find a different NMC firmware location?

    Any help is appreciated here!


  • s.v.s

    hi Byron,

    The firmware upgrade file you have downloaded is for the NMC. 

    There are firmware files available separately for certain UPS models, however SmartConnect enabled UPS models, like the SMT3000RM2UC, support  firmware upgrade over the cloud, and there are no separately available UPS firmware upgrade files available for these models.

  • bjcsoln


    Thanks - question (for confirmation) - so to upgrade the firmware on both the UPS and the NMC, are the both done over the cloud (or is it just one?) - and which NIC port do I connect to on the UPS when I do firmware update?

    Right now, I have the 9630 NMC connected to the switch/network and the "APC Smart Connect Port" not connected to anything.


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