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SMX3000LV "Distorted Input" Random shutdowns skipping battery power | Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM

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SMX3000LV "Distorted Input" Random shutdowns skipping battery power

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Dakotah , 5/28/2019 6:27 PM
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Posted in: General

SMX3000LV "Distorted Input" Random shutdowns skipping battery power

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  • dakotahws

    I've been dealing with this issue for over a year, including a complete replacement of the unit to no avail. Seemingly unprovoked (we have extremely clean and reliable power in our building) the UPS will trigger "Distorted Input", and crash to a loud, droning beep without ever kicking on battery power (even at %100 charge)

    We have 3 in-rack Dell servers and 6 HP Switch units attached to the UPS so it's extremely important to stay online. I have already adjusted the sensitivity to Low and set the acceptable range to as wide as possible to no avail. Like I said, this was happening on an older UPS and we replaced it + the extra battery with a brand new unit. 

    My questions: 
    -We have several devices running through a power strip that's plugged into the UPS. Could this cause any problems? 
    -Why would the UPS not kick over to battery power? As soon as I press the power button on the UPS everything boots up per usual. 
    -What can I do to get additional information on what's happening here? 


  • liamg

    Hi Dakotah,

    This issue might be easier to troubleshoot over the phone with tech support, but I can certainly give it a shot.

    Are you using a Network Management Card in your unit? If so, can you provide the logs? To do this, from the web interface go to "About" then "Support" and click "Generate Logs". Once the logs have been generated, you can download them and attach them here.

    The other question I have is about the power strip you are using - Is it a surge protector or a simple power strip - Do you have a make/model for it? It may be playing a role here.





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