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Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by jean , 5/9/2019 6:54 AM
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  • johndoe2019


    I have a SUA750I (second hand) that has been working very well for 5 years and I get following errors now (every days). Is there a likely reason for these type of errors? Can I live with them as the APC unit seems to work ok ? The batteries are new. 

    What piece need to be replaced (if any) ? Any way to test the unit ? 

    Any help will be greatly appreciated...



  • liamg

    Hi Jean,

    The faults that it is reporting are not legitimate faults for a Smart-UPS like yours. It's hard to say exactly what is happening, but it sounds like the communications from the UPS is having issues. Given the model you have, this UPS is likely nearing its end of life. If it works OK aside from these errors in the software you may still be able to use it for back up and just ignore the alerts. It would not surprise me if you were to see other issues though. These units are not considered to be field serviceable.




  • johndoe2019

    Thanks a lot for your prompt answer.

    However, I am ready to do some investigations to understand why it has been working nicely for years and suddenly those errors are appearing. A few questions:

    Do those errors are coming from the UPS or can they come from the communication card ?

    If they come from the APC unit, which component are subject to failure (typically ? Static relay or others ) ?

    Is there any diagram available that could help me control a few things ?

    Are there some voltages/amp to be controlled on the unit to check if everything is OK ?

    Is there a place where I can buy a second hand board to a one to one replacement ?

    Hope you can help me here .....




  • johndoe2019

    Any help ?????

  • liamg

    Hi Jean - 

    I apologize for the delay. The forums are community based, so replies are not always immediate. If you need assistance quickly you can always contact your local tech support team via phone or email. Contact info can be found at support.apc.com

    Are you using a Network management card? If you have a spare card on hand you could try that and see if it resolves the issue. the messages you are seeing are erroneous, so it's difficult to say if the UPS is reporting incorrectly or if they Network Management Card is not interpreting the UPS properly.

    If the UPS passes a self-test and supports your load during a pull-plug test, it should be OK to use. These units are not considered to be field serviceable aside from batteries, so I am not able to assist with any board level diagnostics or schematics.



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