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APC Smart-UPS 3000VA Self Test Drained Batter By 100% But Passed | Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM

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APC Smart-UPS 3000VA Self Test Drained Battery By 100% But Passed

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Evan , 2/21/2019 11:13 PM
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Posted in: General

APC Smart-UPS 3000VA Self Test Drained Battery By 100% But Passed

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  • elavoie

    Have any of you encountered the situation that when you run a self test it completely drains the batteries from 100% to 0? It happened almost instantly but it stated that it passed the test. 

    Any information as to what this means, or if you've seen it before will be greatly appreciated.  

  • liamg

    Hi Evan - 

    It would help to know a little about your set up:

    • Exact Model/Serial
    • How much load is attached?
    • When were the batteries last replaced?



  • Blikka

    Good day, I have the same problem on an APC Smart UPS 2000 RT. SURT2000XLI. S/N QS1512141696

    Some context:

    I bought this used so never knew if it worked before. Connect to mains (no load connected), does self test and battery charge dropped to one light. After the self test battery charge stays at 1 light and then stats to recharge. After couple of hours it shows full again.

    Initiate another self test the same happens. Battery drops to one bar, self test passed and battery starts charging again from one light.

    Battery voltages: Batt1 13.01V Batt2- 13.05V Batt3- 12.98 Batt4 13.06

    Replaced batteries, same thing happens. Would like this thing to work. Any help will be appreciated

    Self test passes. No fault light. 

    Please help

  • Blikka

    Just to clarify further, the voltages were measured on the original batteries removed. Have not measured the replacements but I assume it will be the same as it has made no difference. 

    During the self test it briefly changes over to the batteries and the battery charge indicator immediately drops from full to one. I connected a load as well (pc) and it does supply AC so the inverter part seems to be working but the low battery alarm sounds immediately when battery power used as bar drops to one instantaneously. But load or no load makes no difference.

    Really hoping for a fix for this.

  • liamg

    Hello - 

    Assuming your replacement batteries are brand new, you may be able to correct this with a manual battery calibration. To do this:

    • Attach at least 30% load
    • Remove any communication cables to the UPS
    • Unplug the UPS from the wall and allow it to completely drain until it drops the attached load
    • Plug UPS back in and allow it to recharge

    It is important that the load not vary more than 5% during the discharge, so avoid load like laser printers that cycle on and off. It is also imperative that UPS be allowed to go all the way until it drops the load. 

    Its also good to note that while your issue is annoying and could be problematic with shutdown software, it is largely cosmetic and will not prevent the UPS from being able to deliver the full amount of runtime it has available.

    Hope this helps,


  • Blikka

    Thanks Liam,

    I connected the xbox first and now the PC screen as well and it has been running for about an hour already on the batteries. It is beeping like mad and the bat light is flashing but still it works. Hopefully this fixes it.

    It is indeed new batteries. But I will make up an external battery pack with the originals. That will give me some extra juice.

    Many thanks for your reply! 

  • liamg

    Just a note of caution on re-using those old batteries - If they are more than a year or so old, you don't want to mix them with the new ones. It's a good way to end up with swelling and venting issues... You should never mix old and new.



  • Blikka

    Noted regarding the old batteries. Just feels like such a waste to turf them if they still measure good. If I connect an extra pack on the external connector does it just parallel the two battery packs and charge them together? 

    Apologies for the thread drift but what is the biggest Ah that you can connect external that the charger will cope with?

    Oh, how can I silence the alarm during this exercise? My wife is complaining!

  • elavoie

    Hey guys,

    The customer for my case decided to just be safe and replace the battery. So feel free to consider mine resolved. Good luck trying to sort yours out  though, and I'm gonna check back in tomorrow out of curiosity. 

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