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Smart-UPS X 1500 scheduling question

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Scott , 9/14/2018 12:34 AM
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Smart-UPS X 1500 scheduling question

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  • 3fingersalute

    Ok, i have a question on scheduling the Smart-UPS X 1500's I have. Here's the scenario:

    These are used for networking gear only (switches, firewalls, etc.), they have management cards in them. We frequently have scheduled power outages for different reasons and during these power outages we power down our network gear (Juniper) safely to avoid corruption of the OS. I can schedule the network gear to power down at a given time, but the only way it can be powered back up is when AC is removed and then restored. If I simply power the network gear down and let the APC on, the battery almost always will way outlast the planned outage since there is no load on it.

    I thought a simple work around for this was to schedule the UPS to power down (after the network gear is powered down) and then schedule it to turn back on after the end of the scheduled power outage. The problem is, this doesn't work the way I had hoped. I've tried this method during the past few planned outages (at several different buildings so far with the same model) and the UPS does not power back up when it is supposed to, instead it is sitting there with a message on the display that reads "waiting for AC" or something similar, even though the unit clearly has AC power restored at that point. 

    The only thing I can reason/figure is that because power was lost during the scheduled time the unit was off, it will not restart automatically even though the power has been restored? Anybody have any insight on this or suggestions on how to get this scenario to work? There's no management available to these units while they network gear attached to them is offline of course, so I can simply log in and force them to power back up.

  • wpasquil


    You could use the outlet group configuration and configure that outlet groups to kill power after the UPS has been on battery for x minutes. Example: Assuming the network gear is powered down and the average scheduled outage is 30 minutes. Set the outlet groups to power down via load shedding after the UPS has been on battery for 2 minutes and leave the skip outlet off delay checked. That way after the UPS has been running on battery for 2 minutes the outlet group will be powered off. You can leave the power on delay and minimum return runtime at the default setting of zero so when AC is restored the outlet group will power back up immediately.  

  • 3fingersalute

    Awesome, thanks! I'll give that a try.

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