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Smart UPS Battery Not Charging After Having Been Completely Discharged

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Jayson , 8/10/2018 12:03 AM
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  • jayson.knight
    Novice Novice
    Jayson 8/10/2018 12:03 AM

    I recently had to move my home office, and the Smart UPS battery became completely discharged. I’ve set everything back up, but the battery charge now shows at 0%, after being plugged in for 12 hours now. Am I missing something simple? As it is now, my network is at risk if the power blinks. Why is the battery not charging at all, and how do I fix this?

  • Terry_Kennedy
    Apprentice Apprentice
    Terry 8/10/2018 1:24 AM (in response to Jayson)

    How old is the unit? The 3rd and 4th positions of the serial number (usually on a barcode on the back with the model number as well) tell you the year of manufacture. If it is more than 3 years ago and the battery was never replaced, it is likely that the battery just won't take a charge because it is old. Other possibilities are the UPS thinking there's no battery connected because it is completely discharged - you could try taking the battery (or battery pack, depending on the model) out and charging the individual batteries up to at least 11V or so with a car battery charger. This is obviously not supported by APC, may void your warranty (if any remains), observe all proper safety precautions, etc. Never leave a UPS battery connected to an unattended charger, and disconnect the battery as soon as it gets up to 11V or so - let the UPS charge it the rest of the way once you reinstall it. A third possibility is a failure in the UPS battery charging circuit, but that is unlikely if the UPS was working fine before the power failure.

  • jayson.knight
    Novice Novice
    Jayson 8/24/2018 3:14 PM (in response to Terry)

    It's brand new, maybe 8 months old? It's a Smart UPS 1000. I seriously doubt it's the battery. This is causing me huge problems. I have the networking card add-on, is there a way I can check some diagnostics somewhere or anything? I know my way around the web interface pretty well (I'm an IT pro).

  • wpasquil
    =S= Representative
    Bill 8/24/2018 5:50 PM (in response to Jayson)


    When you log into the network card what does the battery status show? Can you provide a screenshot like the one below?

    Also, how long was the UPS disconnected from AC source? 

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