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Bypass when replacing battery and power modules

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Tim , 5/3/2018 1:42 PM
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  • TSchwab
    New Member New Member
    Tim 5/3/2018 1:42 PM

    Can anyone confirm that both the Smart-UPS 3000 XLM and the Smart-UPS 1500 XLM will go to bypass mode when replacing the power and battery modules?  The user manual implies replacing the battery module can be done without unpowering the load, but does not address the topic with respect to power module replacement.

  • liamg
    =S= Representative
    Liam 5/15/2018 1:53 PM (in response to Tim)

    Hi Tim - 

    Yes, when you flip the latch and release the Power Module the UPS will go to bypass. 

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