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In search of sync control

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Martin , 4/10/2018 7:22 PM
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Posted in: General

In search of sync control

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  • msutherland25

    Hi, I recently purchased two new Smart-UPS RM 3000 to replace my Smart-UPS 1500 RM (purchased 2008). These original UPSs both contained a NMC2 which I was going to put into the RM3000. I then found that the cards would not fit due to not having a longer slot on the right hand side. Searching your forum suggested that this was a manufacturing error and it was perfectly possible to make the slot bigger and that the cards would be fine. I decided in fact to get two new NMC2 cards with environmental monitoring option 9631. These fitted fine and I then looked for the sync control settings since these two UPSs drive different PSUs on the same servers. The sync option is simply missing. I did a web chat with US support and they stated that I should use Powerchute software but since I am using ESXi that shutdown is not supported! Eventually they admitted that sync control had been removed from latest NMC2 firmware since Powerchute can perform the same role. I then turned to the next option which was to modify the two original NMC2 cards so that they would fit into the RM 3000 UPSs but they report no UPS since presumably the UPS is newer than the NMC2 and not recognised! My patience is getting sorely tested now! It seems that I must either upgrade the firmware on the older NMC2 cards or downgrade the firmware on the newer NMC2 cards until I have the right combination that supports the UPS and provides the sync settings. I can find no mention of when sync control was removed from the firmware or any way to access the older firmware. Right now, I'm pretty unhappy with APC!

  • voidstar

    Hi Martin,

    I don't blame you. Sync control groups was a cool feature -- I liked it. I think one of the reasons it got removed is the difficulty supporting a feature "nobody uses", so I'm glad to meet someone who does.

    SUMX640 was the last release with Sync Control Groups. I've attached it to this message. I had to change the extension of the file to .zip. You can extract it as-is to get the firmware files, or rename to .exe to use the automated firmware update wizard.

    *edit* Also, if the PCB revision on the old cards is 640-1110A, it might not work with the newer UPSes. Try the newer cards first.

  • msutherland25

    Thanks, I really appreciate you answering my question. I will check on PCB version of the 2008 NMC2 cards before upgrading them, which I was thinking of doing in preference to downgraded the recently purchased ones. If as you say then I will downgrade the newer ones instead. Thank you again, and I'll post back the results

  • msutherland25

    Thank you again. Older NMC2 cards were the PCB version that you suggested, so left them alone and downgraded the newest ones using the firmware and software in your download. Sync facility now back on the menu. Really appreciate your help


    Hi Voidstar,

    Would like to ask for your assistance how start setting up our Smart-UPS 5000 RM DL4 UPS as we have 3 UPS of this kind.  Hope i can get a feedback from you.


    Thank you.



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