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SUA3000XLI + 3 X SUA48XLBP not working

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Alin , 2/20/2012 3:13 PM
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Posted in: General

SUA3000XLI + 3 X SUA48XLBP not working

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  • Hi 2 all,

    We have a SUA3000XLI and we attached 3 X SUA48XLBP.

    Now I have some questions:
    How can we test the SUA48XLBP if they work ? I stopped the power and the SUA3000XLI remained with only 2 / 5 lines in just 10minutes.
    How much does it take for 3 X SUA48XLBP to get loaded ? I let them connected for about 24h by now.
    The power on the mail UPS has the total power of him + battery packs ? So if it it 2 / 5 lines is overall or only the UPS power ?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Ok, solved it.

    If anyone has this problem, here is the solution:
    1. Install PowerChute
    2. Set 4 batteries
    3. Leave it for charging 48h
    4. Make the Battery Calibration ( from PowerChute )
    5. Leave it for charging 24h
    6. Make a Battery Test to test the attached battery status

  • You don't necessarily need to do a calibration. These external batteries have no way to communicate with the main unit so you simply need to tell the ups(methods # 1 and #2) that you have 4 batteries total. Calibrations shouldn't be done unless absolutely necessary as they only drain your batteries and charge them back up. Once you update the software to show 4 batteries, you can let us know your runtime and load percentage. We can then confirm if the runtime is accurate.

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