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DLA1500 Vs. SUA1500

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Kevin , 1/8/2008 4:28 PM
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Posted in: General

DLA1500 Vs. SUA1500

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  • TheNotoriousKMP

    The only difference is external adjustable sensitivity. Other than that, these units are manufactured for distribution through Dell, and when purchased through Dell, carry a 3-year warranty, not 2. These are identical UPS's.

  • klehmann

    do you know how the sensitivity is set on this unit? i understand on the SUA1500 it is selectable to LOW MED and HIGH. I would like this unit to run on high sensitivity for maximum protection, the fact that this feature is disabled leaves me to think they are somewhat different? Unfortunately, the vendor was not dell, so if this unit fails i do not think i will be covered by APC or Dell support.

  • TheNotoriousKMP

    Sorry that I wasn't clear enough with the differences. The UPS just doesn't have external adjustable sensitivity. You can still install PowerChute Business Edition and adjust the sensitivity. By defautl, the Dell UPS's are set to High.

  • klehmann

    Thank you so much for your quick well informed responses...

    I was ready to go into panic mode here. Any reason to be alarmed? They will provide the exact same features and perform to the exact same specifications?

  • TheNotoriousKMP

    Absolutely no need to worry. They are physically the same UPS and will operate to the exact same specifications, and outside of the DLA not having external adjustable sensitivity control, they are the exact same UPS.

  • bakes99

    Follow up question.
    Knowing that Powerchute does not jive with Apple Imacs. I probably wont be able to adjust the sensitivity on a DLA1500 vs the SUA1500 units as you can only do this through Powerchute. Is there any reason that I would want to lower the sensitivity of this unit using it with my Imac.

  • JonPro

    Hi John,

    Our UPS checks if there's an acceptable voltage and frequency on the outlet where it is connected. If it detects a sudden shift and or change it will transfer to On Battery mode. If you have an unreliable power source, frequency keeps on shifting and or on generator power we advise our customers to change the sensitivity to widen the acceptable threshold of the UPS.

    - JonPro

  • JonPro

    Double Post. Sorry

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  • bakes99

    Thanks for the reply.

    When you say our UPS, do you mean both the SUA and DLA?

    And when you say, "You advise customers to change sensitivity to widen the acceptable threshold of the UPS," are you implying that one should use the HIGH sensitivity default setting, regardless?

    Again thanks so much for replying to my questions


  • JonPro


    What Buzz had said above was right. The settings and or behaviors applies to both SUAs and DLAs. There shouldn't be no problem leaving the setting to High as long as the UPS doesn't produce and or behave differently. If it does then that is when we would adjust the settings.

  • buzz

    Yes, he meant both. The SUA and DLA models are essentially identical, as has been already explained.

    The default setting is fine for most applications, yes.

    Unless you're seeing the UPS (either the SUA or the DLA, since they are the same) going to battery excessively, you can change the sensitivity. But unless you have a generator or very dirty power, you shouldn't need to worry about it, and even then you could always borrow another computer just long enough to install the software, change the setting, and then remove the software. The setting will remain after you change it, even without the software there for monitoring.

  • bakes99

    Thanks for the info guys. Clears up alot of queries I have. Just waiting for my Imac to arrive. Buzz, I do realize that the specs are the same, and know this was explained previous, but my question was regarding the only difference between the the two units. And when I asked, if he was talking about the SUA and/or DLA as being their unit, being that the DLA is manufactured for Dell by APC, just wanted to know that I was on the same page as JonPro we he mentioned "OUR UPS" and not separating between Dell and APC.
    Who knows, this may clear it up for others who may have the same questions.
    Thanks again

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  • buzz

    Yep, no problem. I can see how "our" might exclude the Dell model. :)

  • klehmann

    I found myself in the market for a smart-ups, and i purchased one last night from a vendor in Florida

    I was under the FULL impression it was a SUA1500 however as ive looked at the shipping invoice online i see that its a DLA1500

    Should i be concerned? what are the differences between these units?

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