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Smart-UPS 1400 Fan Runs Constantly

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Adam , 8/10/2013 6:42 AM
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Posted in: General

Smart-UPS 1400 Fan Runs Constantly

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  • ipicKedawinna
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  • hkpolice

    28.14v is way too high of a voltage. The batteries are almost dead after 2 years @ that voltage. Google APC Float voltage there are 2-3 very useful links that will explain why high voltage is bad. I'm 90% sure the UPS is working correctly although with the float voltage set too high. The batteries just can't hold a high enough charge anymore so the UPS keeps trying to fully charge it which activates the fan.

  • agent86

    I've got a bit of a puzzling issue I'm hoping someone here might be able to assist with.  Essentially I have a Smart-UPS 1400 where the internal fan is now running constantly.  Prior to a couple of weeks ago the unit ran silently.  The thing is, I can't see anything to indicate WHY the fan is running.  Some stats pulled from the device.

    Smart-UPS 1400

    Internal Temperature - 72.5 F

    Load Power - 0% to 3.6% (it's basically running a consumer router, switch and NAS)

    Battery Capacity - 100%

    Battery Voltage - 28.14 VDC

    UPS is NOT running on battery

    UPS has passed a self-test

    UPS is not warm to the touch or exhausting hot air

    NO error lights are illuminated on the front of the device

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • ipicKedawinna
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    Here are the "fan running" parameters for this unit:

    1. The UPS is on battery.

    2. The UPS is charging the battery.

    3. The UPS has a load greater than 75%.

    4. The internal temperature of the UPS has reached greater than 140 degrees F (60 degrees C).

    So I agree the fan should not be running constantly based on what you've shared. You could try braindeading the UPS if you're concerned to try and reset it. To do this, you'll need to turn off and disconnect all attached load. Then turn the UPS itself off, unplug it from the wall and hold down the off (o) button and wait for the UPS to click and/or flash its front panel LEDs. Once this occurs, the unit will be reset and you can plug it back in, reconnect your load, and turn it back on. It will run its self test and then after that, check fan behavior once it is no longer on battery and not charging shortly thereafter the self test.

  • agent86

    Hi Angela,

    Thank you for your assistance with this - it is very much appreciated!

    I went ahead and tried to braindead the UPS with the steps that you indicated.  I followed the steps in order and double verified the final click/LED flash.  The unit has been back on for a few hours at this point, and the fan is still running constantly frown.

    Current Smart-UPS 1400 Status:

    Internal Temperature - 77.3 F

    Load Power - 0% to 3%

    Battery Capacity - 100%

    Battery Voltage - 28.14 VDC

    The UPS is NOT running on battery

    The UPS passed the power-on self-test

    The UPS is not warm to the touch or exhausting hot air at the fan port

    NO error lights are illuminated on the front of the device

    By any chance do you have any other ideas/suggestions I could try?

  • ipicKedawinna
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    Is this causing an issue for you? Like the fan just recently got louder and now that its on all of the time, its bothersome?

    The only other thing I can think of depending on UPS age is that either the fan was always running when it shouldn't have and just got louder or there is something going on where it thinks its charging or something. If you want, I could look at the event and data logs even though what you shared so far does not indicate a problem.

  • agent86

    Hi again Angela,

    The issue in our case is that the UPS is in the home office that my wife and I work out of, and the fan noise is becoming bothersome.  The fan in the UPS was almost never on before.  It only came on when it was performing a self test or running on battery during an outage.  Now that it runs constantly, and it isn't a once in a while thing, it's becoming annoying.

    As part of trying to troubleshoot this I acquired and installed a AP9617 into the device.  I've gone ahead and grabbed the Event and Data logs from the unit and made them available.

    Data Logs

    Event Logs

    I took a look at the battery, and it appears to be in OK condition.  It isn't overly warm, bulging, or corroding.  That said, perhaps the unit is detecting something that isn't physically visible yet?  Would we need any additional diagnostic information to determine if the UPS thinks it is charging the battery all the time?

  • ipicKedawinna

    I understand. Everything I see looks fine..cry

    Do you know how old the battery is in the UPS just for kicks? And the UPS? I am also thinking may the bearing in the fan is starting to fail after several years so it is extra loud and noticeable (maybe?).

    I am skeptical of an issue with the battery versus it just being on when it should not be since we've checked the four fan parameters already.

    Beyond what you've provided by in the AP9617, this UPS or management card would not offer anything further as far as diagnostics go frown

  • agent86

    Hey Angela,

    Thanks again for your continued support.  I really appreciate it!

    The battery is almost 2 years old.  The install date sticker I put on it says 09/02/2011.

    The UPS itself is much older.  The AP9617 reports a manufacture date of 12/24/1997.

    I suppose it could be the fan, but it doesn't sound any different from when it used to run on self-tests and when on battery before.  It doesn't sound strained or weak and it never gets stuck.  No whining, squeaking or buzzing.  Just a constant normal fan-like "whirring" sound.

    Is it safe - or even possible - to operate the UPS without a battery installed?  Assuming it would function, perhaps that would shed some light from a different angle?

  • ipicKedawinna

    You're very welcome for the help. Wish I could feel more helpful on this particular issue though laughing

    The battery on this unit is hot swappable and because of that, you can certainly remove it while the UPS is turned on. What you'll see is a flashing replace battery LED telling you it is disconnected or not detected and a chirping with that. Then, there is of course no battery back up during this time frame.

    I can't say I've seen a "failure" like this - meaning the fan runs when it should not (when it was not a firmware bug or actually met one of the parameters).My only fear is that we will be unable to resolve it but we can certainly try anything! I did not get many ideas when I brought this up today at the office unfortunately cry

  • agent86
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    Hi again Angela,

    I think I've come to the end of the road here, so I wanted to update this thread to give you some closure and hopefully benefit some others.

    I removed the battery and placed it into another SmartUPS 1400 unit.  That unit turned on it's fan, ran a self-test, and detected the battery as being low on energy.  It then charged the battery and turned off its fan once the charge was completed.

    Meanwhile, the fan continued to run on the first unit despite the battery being removed.  The fan in that unit did eventually stop running after an extended period, but reconnecting the battery immediately started it again and it continued to run.  Reinstalling the battery into the second unit resulted in another self-test where the fan ran, but it again shut off after the test completed.

    So, after 15 years of solid service, it appears that the unit is simply damaged frown.

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