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RBC55 connectors ?

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Franklin , 1/12/2011 5:17 PM
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RBC55 connectors ?

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  • Javik

    == APC Battery-Hacker's Guide == (I feel like I am on Wikipedia)

    === Safety ===

    NOTE: APC RBCs may have a fuse inside the RBC case. I don't know if they all do. A homemade RBC may be a fire hazard if there is no fuse on the battery. I do know the SUA 1400/1500 use a 100A fuse across the two battery terminals.

    === Rebuilding an APC RBC you have ===

    If you need a new battery and you have the old APC RBC, you can easily take it apart to scavenge the fuse, plug and cords off of it. The simple battery packs (no metal shell) have stick-on plastic covers over the battery terminals. You can pry them off with a screwdriver. The batteries themselves are connected with simple screws and nuts, nothing fancy.

    Places like Batteries Plus will usually have exact size "sealed lead-acid" replacements to fit the original form factor, but the generic batteries may not be "absorbed glass mat" (AGM) cells so they may not last as long as the originals.

    === Safely building your own battery pack ===

    If you are building your own without an old APC RBC in hand, make sure you use the correct number of cells. Too few cells in series, and the UPS may over-voltage and destroy the batteries. Too many cells in series and you may over-voltage and destroy the UPS. Fun!

    === Battery pack connectors ===

    The "PowerPole" or "AMP 50 Series" disconnects come in three sizes: 50 amp, 120 amp, and 350 amp. It is used on electric scooters, electric go-karts, floor scrubbers, etc.

    Make sure you get the right size, though that looks like the 50A plug. Also, I see there is now a "finger guard" version available from AMP/Tyco. I do not know if that can mate with APC UPS plugs without the finger guard.

    The connectors are crimped onto heavy gauge wire, and different diameters of pins are available to support different gauges. There are also sleeves available to put a small gauge wire into a large gauge pin. It is not easy to crimp without special tools. Mine (2 gauge) where crimped with what is essentially a bolt cutter with dull teeth. Once crimped the pin just pops into the connector, and a leaf spring locks it in place.

    * This website selling "extreme jumper cables" shows how the connector is assembled. It also has fun options like rubber cap dust covers and a big handle to yank it out of the back of your go-kart:


    ==== Connector sources ====

    * The following website seems to have the plug shells, pins, and dust covers in one spot. You probably just want a "PowerPlug set" with two pins and a shell:


    The connectors are not expensive, about US$5 for a 50A shell and two pins.


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  • fgavarrete

    Someone please tell me where can I get the cables and connectors (SBS50) for RBC55 ????

    I have the 12V/17AH batteries but need the power cables and connectors.

  • ipicKedawinna

    APC does not sell this, as the batteries that we sell come with all of the connectors you may need. Thus, if you are using third party batteries, someone else on the forum may be able to help you.

  • quincy

    Do you happen to have a part number for the gray connector from an RBC55? It's really hard for me to imagine that you're unable to find a part no. for an item that you sell. I purchased SBS50 connector but they did not fit with APC's connectors. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Brad_C
    This discussion is marked as answered
    On 29/5/2020 9:26 PM, Quincy said:

    Do you happen to have a part number for the gray connector from an RBC55?

    I spent a good deal of time trying to find a match. Given they have APC branding on them I suspect they are slightly customised versions that are designed specifically not to mate with off the shelf versions. I ended up changing the shells in the UPS for standard shells. The pins are the same so no alterations required.


  • quincy

    Thanks for your reply. I had spent a couple of hours shaving down an off-the-shelf connector which ended up real ugly and the fit isn't a smooth one. Never thought to go to the other connector. Wonderful idea. Much appreciated.

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