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Serial Communication with APC UPS RM 750 (SMT750RMI2U) | Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM

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Serial Communication with APC UPS RM 750 (SMT750RMI2U)

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by ese , 2/28/2017 12:52 PM
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Posted in: General

Serial Communication with APC UPS RM 750 (SMT750RMI2U)

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  • esekh

    Try connect to  APC UPS  RM 750 (SMT750RMI2U) via serial interface and cable that was with device 940-625A. Used real COM1 port where OK work early old my UPS SMART 1000.

    I try to use software:

    • PowerChute Business 9.2.
    • PLINK for direct connect to com1

    But device not detected. COM Port not answer.

    By post :


    I have information that SMT750 should work with serial port in any case.

    When i test to use with USB  connection  PowerChute  Business  9.2 detect ups OK .

    I manual described that can work or serial or USB  connection in one time. May be need switch by some procedure ? 

    Factory reset not help in my case.

    SN: AS1621241318

  • wpasquil


    APCUPSD will not communicate with a SMT Smart-UPS via Serial Comm. I am not sure about PLINK but my guess is no. When you attach the 940-0625 cable and run the PowerChute Business Edition installer does it not detect the attached UPS? If not stop the installer and run the attached SerialTerm application that test comm to the serial port and send a screenshot of the output similar to the one below

    Instruction how to run SerialTerm.exe

    1 - from command prompt cd to the folder serialterm.exe has been copied to
    2 - from command prompt type serialterm.exe comX replacing x with the com port number the UPS is attached to
    4 - when prompted to type z

  • esekh

    Thanks for SerialTerm.exe. By this apps I detected wrong MB cable connector. They was with other order of pins.
    And now I know that new SMART-UPS use SPEED 9600.8.n.1.n,  with old SMART-UPS used speed 2400.8.n.1.n

    At image show order of pins.

    But now other problem with start Agent.

    After many reinstall of program agent 9.2, now not started service of PowerChute Business Edition Agent.

    7024 Error Microsoft-Windows-Service Control Manager System 03.03.2017 4:20:05

    The APC PBE Agent service terminated with the following service-specific error: The operation completed successfully.

    101 Error APCPBEAgent Application 03.03.2017 4:20:04

    Error: 0, Time out 90 seconds. Service start operation canceled.

    But early at this host agent started correctly.

    It  link not resolve same problem.

    Server Core HV-2016. USB connection. APC UPS RM 750.

    Logs: pcbe.log

    2017-03-02 19:41:26,108 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] - Legacy logging adapter enabled.
    2017-03-02 19:41:26,124 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] Java Runtime: Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (ve
    rsion: 1.8.0_31)
    2017-03-02 19:41:26,124 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] Java Home: C:\PROGRA~2\APC\POWERC~1\JRE18~1.0_3
    2017-03-02 19:41:26,124 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] JVM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (version: 25.31-b
    2017-03-02 19:41:26,124 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] OS: Windows Server 2012 (x86)
    2017-03-02 19:41:26,124 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] Time Zone: Europe/Helsinki
    2017-03-02 19:41:26,124 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] PCBE dir: C:\PROGRA~2\APC\POWERC~1\agent
    2017-03-02 19:41:26,124 [main] ERROR - [application.PicardApplication] Can not read M11.cfg file:
    java.io.FileNotFoundException: m11.cfg (The system cannot find the file specified)
    at java.io.FileInputStream.open(Native Method)
    at java.io.FileInputStream.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at java.io.FileInputStream.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at com.apcc.m11.application.PicardApplication.verifyAndUpdateConfigFile(Unknown Source)
    at com.apcc.m11.application.PicardApplication.createPermanentStorage(Unknown Source)
    at com.apcc.m11.application.PicardApplication.main(Unknown Source)
    2017-03-02 19:41:26,124 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] Created thePermanentStorage
    2017-03-02 19:41:26,139 [PcbeHSM-EventDispatcher] INFO - [AgentHSM.AgentHsm] State Change InitialState -> ActiveState
    2017-03-02 19:41:27,155 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] isStartupComplete() - returns: false
    2017-03-02 19:41:28,171 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] isStartupComplete() - returns: false
    2017-03-02 19:41:29,188 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] isStartupComplete() - returns: false
    2017-03-02 19:41:30,204 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] isStartupComplete() - returns: false
    2017-03-02 19:41:31,220 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] isStartupComplete() - returns: false
    2017-03-02 19:41:32,235 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] isStartupComplete() - returns: false
    2017-03-02 19:41:33,252 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] isStartupComplete() - returns: false
    2017-03-02 19:41:34,268 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] isStartupComplete() - returns: false
    2017-03-02 19:41:35,283 [main] INFO - [application.PicardApplication] isStartupComplete() - returns: false

  • esekh

    I do it recommendation for clear:


    And after reinstall now all ok.


  • hopto

    Hello, can u help me? My smt750i can`t connect with my PC over serial port, but ur program showing this.

  • wpasquil


    What software are you trying to connect to the the UPS over serial comm? If anything other than PowerChute Business Edition it is not supported. If PowerChute Business Edition is failing to discover the UPS over serial comm what version of PowerChute are you installing? 

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