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Battery Constant for SU3000RMXL3U

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Rob , 2/18/2015 3:13 PM
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Posted in: General

Battery Constant for SU3000RMXL3U

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  • madbadger

    I just recently purchased two units. After replacing the batteries an unusually low time shows remaining.

    I am hopeful someone can share the Battery Constant value for these units.


  • madbadger

    Sigh..... I seem to be sharing the same frustration others have experienced. I contacted support for the value, and the claim is they no longer have this information.

    Angela, can you help ???


  • ipicKedawinna

    I'll give it to you at your own risk. We are working on stocking more calibration keys in the next few weeks and that will be the future solution that we offer. (It is a dongle that connects to your UPS serial port and changes the constant automatically). We don't really give constants out anymore because people can brick their UPS if the process is done incorrectly and we cannot be liable for that. You are also only supposed to do this procedure when the batteries are new (for anyone else that comes across this). '52' is the value you need.

  • madbadger

    Thank you very much. That is excellent news, and I appreciate the code. On another well used list which is out there on the 'net the value is different. Good to have the verified code.

  • dynaman

    Wait. So what exactly is the solution here ? I have 5 x SU3000RMXL3U ,and I replaced the battery modules last week  on one and now I have a inappropriately low runtime. I want to make sure I have a solution going forward before I change out the modules on the other 4.

  • ipicKedawinna

    This should be reviewed first Ryan -> http://www.apc.com/support/index?page=content&country=ITB&lang=en&locale=en_US&id=FA156538 as it will likely cover the situation you're talking about and what Rob was talking about. And then if that doesn't work, you may find information about a "battery constant" online that may need to be reset. We stopped giving out the procedure publicly because if done improperly, you can brick your UPS.

    We will be producing calibration keys for users as a convenience in the near future so that you don't have to embark on the manual reset of the battery constant.

  • madbadger

    Thanks again Angela. Both units successfully changed and now reflecting the expected durations.


  • dynaman

    Thanks for the info. Will a apc 940-0625A cable work for the procedure? And I hope you inform us when the dongle is ready. Thanks again.

  • ipicKedawinna

    No, you need 940-0024 or 940-1524. 940-0625 is only used with newer types of UPS models where this procedure does not apply.

  • dynaman

    It seems I made a mistake in my model # , I have the SURTD3000RMXL T3U and it recently got the battery modules replaced and is reading the wrong runtime. Does "the procedure" still apply ?

    Sorry to hijack your thread Bob.

  • ipicKedawinna

    No, the procedure nor the specific issue of having to potentially manually reset the runtime applies to that model of UPS. You'll want to review that knowledge base link I sent for options on this model and confirm what amount of runtime is reported versus what should be reported. Your first step as described there will likely just be a standard runtime calibration.

  • dynaman

    Thanks clearing up my confusion. I'll review the material once again and create a new thread if I need further assistance. Thanks again

  • thesirac

    Dear Angela, I changed the whole battery pack of my APC Smart-UPS  2200 RM XL (SU2200RMXLI3U), serial number is JS0929007192.

    Unfortunately, I'm unable to charge those batteries. When Powerchute shows 100% and I start a self-test it stops immediately

    lighing up the 'overload' led. I tried to change battery constant and leaving time to charge with no load attached by using value '8C', 'AF', and 'A0'

    but without results.

    Could you please help me?

    my email is shivahpc at gmail dot com



  • hanskuerten

    Hello Angela.

    Hello guys.

    Does anyone knows the battery constant parameter for a surt6000xli 

    I have some units and just finish to change the battery packs, but i think the ups is not charging the batteries properly.
    I'm asking for for anyone and i know that is my own risk!
    Thank you very much.
  • cristiancalvet

    hello Hans, that kind of calibrations can be done only by official services, 


    Dear Angela, I have the same problem with an SRC3000XLI S / N: B21151001408, could you give me the value of the constant? Thank you so much
  • liamg

    Hi Juan - 

    You should contact your local tech support team for assistance with this.




    Hi, thanks for your response. I consulted the local services and they did not answer me. Greetings and many thanks
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