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This is a forum for general discussions.

Posts: 4389  ·  Last Post 4 days ago by Lenny

Latest Discussions

SMX 3000HV max load capacity

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SC 1000 keeps dropping power when AC is present

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Matrix 5000 battery constant reset

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SUA3000 Output Panel

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RM 6000 faults

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Scheduled Runtime Calibration

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AP9630 Firmware Upgrade on SRT3KXLI

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APC Symmetra battery module

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Smart-UPS SC 620VA 120V Networking

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Smart-UPS 5000: How Many Batteries?

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SMT1000 with RBC7 Batteries / Poor Runtime

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Smart-UPS SRT 8000 distored waveform

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PowerChute and Zabbix

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Linux friendly?

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Equipment shutting down /during radio tx

by Sylvain 2/12/2020 8:17 PM   ·   Last post by Sylvain 2/12/2020 8:17 PM   ·  General

Monitor and Control of remotely located SmartUPS

by rob 2/12/2020 8:13 PM   ·   Last post by rob 2/13/2020 8:07 PM   ·  General

Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM

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APC award-winning Smart-UPS® is the most popular UPS in the world for servers, storage and networks. Trusted to protect critical data and equipment from power problems by supplying clean and reliable network-grade power. In addition to legendary reliability and manageability, Smart-UPS have extremely high efficiency at low, medium and high load levels making them ideal for today’s multi-core or virtualized servers that have varying load consumption.

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