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APC BX650LI-MS 650va 325w + Active PFC PSU 500w | Back-UPS & Surge Protectors

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APC BX650LI-MS 650va 325w + Active PFC PSU 500w

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by JM , 5 days ago
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APC BX650LI-MS 650va 325w + Active PFC PSU 500w

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  • I have this model of APC UPS and I have read that it will cause issues with a active PFC PSU? is that true? (it's brandnewbrandnew)

    will it be safe if I keep on using this UPS with a Active PFC PSU?

    how many months/years would my PSU and UPS last with this type of incompatibility?

    how many minutes can I have for my PC with estimated power load of 190w up to 270w? 

    can the UPS handle my PC power load? (190w-270w)

    do you think everything will be fine since my PC power load is not that high? 

    will both UPS and PSU get damaged? (scenario: power outage -} Ups just shuts off since it got affected by the PSU Pfc. I'm not sure how this works butbut that PFc stops the ability of the Ups to go to battery mode?)


  • From the APC sales page. That UPS has a  "Stepped approximation to a sinewave"

    That type of output when on battery backup. Can sometimes cause the power supplies Active Power Factor circuit. To trip the UPS off on a sensed overload or problem.

    Not all combinations of the UPS and Active Power Factor supply. Will have an issue. You would have to see exactly how the UPS and supply react. When you kill the AC input and see what happens.

    On Line AC the combination would probably be fine. Just on battery backup AC.

    Pure Sinewave type UPS maybe needed. If your present UPS and supply don't play nice on battery backup.

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