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APC UPS battery fun

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Patricia , 3/31/2021 5:04 PM
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APC UPS battery fun

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  • I'm curious if anyone has tried something like this and how it turned out if they did...

    I have a smart-ups 1500 I've been using at home and the battery is shot. in the office, we have a couple of RBC105 that were mistakenly ordered and couldn't be returned. the connector looks similar... sooooo... clearly I can't fit the RBC105 in 1500, but if I were to leave the front open and have the battery right next to it (possibly face to face is necessary), and assuming the connector does fit, is there any reason this wouldn't work? The only thing I can think of is the UPS chassis not being programmed to deal with the capacity of the RBC105 since those usually go in the 2200s or 3000s. Paymydoctor

  • Since you didn't mention which model you have check the battery connector color of your 1500, if it's grey,  it uses batteries for  a total of 24 Volt and if it's blue then your UPS uses a 48 volt battery pack so keep in mind the RBC105 is 48 Volt and came with a  blue  connector. They grey and the blue looks similar but they will not fit one to the other besides the fact you can't use a 24 volt on a 48 volt or a 48 volt on a 24 volt.  If both are blue then you can go ahead and plug your RBC105 and let your Smart UPS do the battery check and it should work fine.

  • Dana: any logical reason you are re-posting exactly the same,  word by word, what Patricia did 3 months ago ? frown

  • On 26/6/2021 11:45 PM, Roberto said:

    Dana: any logical reason you are re-posting exactly the same,  word by word, what Patricia did 3 months ago ? frown

    Because they are a spammer. Will copy/paste a post from here or elsewhere to try and sound relevant, then after days to weeks will go back and edit the post to insert spam links. Happens _all_ the time.

  • Thanks. I noticed the spam at the end of  the latest reply  of the     APC smart UPS VT Fault post.

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