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Back-UPS SX 950U Black out

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Billys , 20 days ago
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Back-UPS SX 950U Black out

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  • Hi, first please excuse my English, i will try to explain as simple as i can :)

    So i have a Back-UPS SX 950U for about 2 years on my pc setup (pc and monitor) so far no problem but today i had a strange one!

    Pc is used for gaming for many hours per day and just today after some hours of gaming the ups just turned off, no sound no nothing just everything went black. i power up back the ups i wait 30seconds and i start my pc again, pc starts up and when windows are ready i open the PowerChute but the moment i press current status the ups do a small not even half a sec bip and shut down again like before.

    I unplugged the pc and plugged it to a different power socket to see whats going on, (Note here : i forgot the ups on and plugged in on its own socket so probably started to charge the battery, u will understand later) i did some tests to my pc and everything looks to work fine ( took me about 15-20 minutes) so i put back the pc on the ups and start it again, this time it doesn't shut down, i open PowerChute and i see that the battery its on 70% and charging, consuming around 80 to 100wats (PowerChute max wats on this ups its 450watts) i did some self test to the ups as i start to suspect that battery was drain for some reason and passed with no problem but it needs 2 times, one time it gaves me "unable to carry out a self test of this time" and i dont hear any click sound and next test i do i hear a click sound and test is complete and passed. i did that 4-5 times and it passed all!

    I suspect at this point that for some reason battery was drain even it didnt gave me any alarm throw sound or the powerChute and i start to do some heavy stress test to my pc to test how many watts it consume and whats going on with the ups, max watts i can hit its 310watts, and the message still say "charging" , i run the test for about 15 minutes with no shutdown and battery charging rly slow, like 1%. then i stopped and let it idle (~80wat consumtion) and battery its to 83% after almost 2 hours still charging.

    At this point there is no more shut down but i suspect something going on with the battery. i have the ups almost 2 years and i am still in warranty (ending soon) , also still have the box and inside there is a recipe with the test passed from the factory and the date its like 3-4 months before i bought the ups so the battery must not be older than 2,5 years.

    What i can do? happened to anyone? should i contact the support? should i change the battery? any tips?

    Thanks a lot for your effort to read my sheet :D wanted to explain each detail!
    Have a nice day and thanks again!

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