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PNOTEPROC6 IEC standards compliance

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by steve , 1/14/2021 4:28 AM
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PNOTEPROC6 IEC standards compliance

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  • Hi all, searching for a low cost surge protector that could protect both AC supply side and line (phone/DSL) side of a piece of network equipment I came across this PNOTEPROC6 surge protector, which looks promising on the surface. However, a particular requirement we have is that any device we employ should ideally conform with the new standard for MOVs used in surge protection circuits (IEC62368-1), rather than the earlier standard (IEC60950-1). For this class of surge protector the principal additional requirement seems to be the addition of thermal protection fuses in parallel with the MOVs, or the use of TP-MOVs in lieu of MOVs, to prevent the risk of fire under certain conditions. I note the words in the product brochure "Reliable thermal fusing helps ensure safe operation under all conditions", which suggests that the design may comply already (and that maybe the brochure hasn't been updated accordingly?), or perhaps would pass certification in its current form if needed.

    Can anyone help me address this topic? Maybe I can break it down to a few questions in this way:

    Is the unit in question already certified to conform to the IEC62368-1 standard?

    If not, are there any plans for adding this certification?

    If not, does the design of the unit suggest that it would be likely to comply? If so, evidence to that effect in the form of a circuit schematic would be brilliant. 

    Fantastic if anyone can help!

  • For a question like this I'd recommend you contact your local support team, they'll be able to escalate it to the appropriate person.


  • Thanks Gavan but I tried them first. This was their suggestion.


  • IEC International Standards reflect the global consensus and distilled wisdom of many thousand technical Generally, compliance with regulations is a must.

  • Hi Ryan

    I've just answered this question for another customer. Our compliance team are in contact with VDE to look at updating the certification for these products.  They are quite an old design and so may need a change in design or components to meet the new standard.




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