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Desulfation of batteries?

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Smells , 9 days ago
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Posted in: General

Desulfation of batteries?

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  • terminal

    I just wondered what attempts APC Back Ups made to keep batteries desulfated?

    The life expectancy of three years for a battery (We recommend that you change the battery in your unit at least once every 3 years) seems very low when in many cases the battery is just going to sit at full charge and do very little work.

    Do the charging circuits charge the battery to the max to get the most power out of them do they charged for maximum life or some happy medium?

    Another question also occurs to me is what tests do the Self Tests carry out. I've recently recharged a 16 year old gel battery used it for a few days to test and the Self Test says Result of last manual self-test: Passed and the replace battery light stays off. I not going to use the battery but I'd like some confidence that the Self test and replace battery warnings actually mean something or at least get an understanding of their limitations.

    Probably asking a bit much but thanks for any replies cool

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