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BE600M1 with Business PowerChute

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Kevin , 5/12/2020 2:11 AM
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BE600M1 with Business PowerChute

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  • KHappe

    I have a media server at home and it is running Windows Server 2016.

    I bought a a BE660M1 to help it weather power outages.

    I can't install the personal version of PowerChute on the server, because it is a server.

    So I installed the Business Version of PowerChute.  
    The settings on the PowerChute Agent site, just dont make sense.

    It says the battery is at 10% charge and has a voltage of 11.9 V

    I installed PowerChute personal version on my pc and tried it from there.  It gave much better details that server agent.

    Said it was fully charged etc.

    So does the BE600M1 work with the Business version of PowerChute?
    I dont really care if the details on the agent site aren't correct. I will be happy as long as it powers the server down gracefully when power fails.


  • wpasquil


    PowerChute Business Edition is not compatible with the BE600M1. Your options are, configure native power option is the control panel. See Schneider Electric FAQ FA159653. The other option is to install APCUPSD

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