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UPS getting hot when not in use

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Jerry , 4/29/2020 9:22 PM
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UPS getting hot when not in use

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  • Before i was using model BE600M1, 600VA, 120V UPS

    But after an upgrade of computer i needed a bit heavier UPS

    The only problem was for some reason all APC distrubitors in my country pulled this model from our market and replaced it with model Easy UPS BV500 to 1000

    So i bought the bv1000/600watt version, first thing i noticed there was no battery compartment and no replaceble battery, the other this is there was no USB software connection for powerchute.

    Like i install all my hardware with caution i mounted this UPS to the wall, ran some basic tests to compare how it would perform.

    Here are my findings:

    - This model gets extremely hot, so i connected a watt-o-meter to the plug of the UPS to monitor total consumption of the PC+UPS

    it reads out 25 watts more then the old UPS (fully charged)

    - I disconnected the PC from the UPS and left only the UPS plugged in (power consumption reads 15-25 watts even after 8 hours plugged in)

    - I turned the UPS OFF, unplugged and started doing tests with the old UPS (power consumption reads 1.5 watts no devices connected)

    - checked the new UPS after about an hour unplugged and turned off and it was still HOT !!!, i cant disconnect the battery for safe storage since the battery is not-removable and the battery connector is not unpluggable !!

    - returned the Easy UPS bv1000 back to the store under warranty and they exchanged it for a new one

    - As soon i connect the battery, left it charging for 8 hours, turned it off (this one also consumes 25 watts, turned off and heats up like a stove)

    - disconnected everything,confirmed with a multimeter that the UPS was turned off, the UPS was giving off to much heat for being off

    after about 2 hours battery was completely drained in the off position and finally cooled down.


    Whats going on here ? i feel like this model is being pushed out in my country (Colombia) because it has a serious flaw (and a dangerous one too)



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