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BR650MI Counts down to hibernate or shut down, but does not shut down | Back-UPS & Surge Protectors

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BR650MI Counts down to hibernate or shut down, but does not shut down

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Scott , 4/16/2020 1:06 AM
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Posted in: General

BR650MI Counts down to hibernate or shut down, but does not shut down

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  • swil

    While logged off, the Back-UPS can shut down the computer (this is good). While logged on in the case of AC power supply loss, it counts down to hibernate or shut down, and then nothing happens.


    My question is:

    How can the UPS be forced to shut down a computer that loses power while the user is logged in?

    Additional notes:

    Hibernate was disabled to allow shut down (after computer didn't hibernate after the  "the computer will hibernate in x seconds" message following removal of AC input to Back-UPS)

    The shutdown /s  command works in the cmd window when run as an administrator by the logged in user.


  • wpasquil


    Are you running PowerChute Personal Edition 3.1? If not uninstall the current version and install version 3.1 There was an issue with version 3.0.1 that would prevent the system from shutting down when a user was logged in remotely. That issue was corrected with the release of version 3.1

    When PowerChute is install hibernate is enable. To disable hibernate open a command prompt as an admin and enter powercfg.exe /hibernate off When hibernation is disable the system will power off. 

  • swil

    Thanks for the information Bill.

    The BR650MI is running PowerChute Personal Edition 3.1.0 (installed with PCPE_3.1.0.exe).

    When a user is logged in (not remotely), when AC power input is removed from the UPS:

    1. It counts down the final 10 seconds advising of a pending hibernate if hibernate is enabled, before not hibernating.

    2. It counts down the final 10 seconds advising of a shut down if hibernate is disabled, before not shutting down.

    The computer is a HP EliteDesk 800 G3 SFF, running Windows 10.

  • wpasquil


    Open the Control panel and go to Administrative tools, Event viewer, Windows logs, Application. PowerChute should record entries when the UPS switches to battery, when PowerChute causes hibernation, and when the event was handled successfully. The sources to look for are APC UPS Service and APC Data Service. If those items are logged the issue is being caused by something else running on the PC. 

    You can test the shutdown command by opening a command prompt as an administrator and entering the command shutdown /h The system should hibernate. If the PC hibernates you should open the PowerChute services and changed them for system account to a local account that has administrative privileges. Go to Control panel, Administrative tools, services. You will see the 2 APC services. Right click on each and go to Log on. There you can change the type of account the service is using. Once the change has been made you will need to restart the server for the change to take affect.

    In the example below I created a PowerChute user with admin privileges that the server is using. 

  • swil

    Hi Bill. 

    Thanks for the response. The shutdown command was working from cmd (run as administrator). The Event viewer/windows logs/application was not showing any events with APC as the source after the countdown to shutdown popup showed (noted during commissioning a few days back).

    The device was commissioned on a server that is rarely logged into. The UPS was found to function correctly only when one was not logged on to the server. The suggested fix has been applied over remote desktop but as I'm no longer on site,  there is no way to test that the fix works. The 2-off APC services restarted with local administrator login (in the Services window) after the fix was applied and the server was restarted.

    What might be the likelihood, considering the suggested log in tab fix has now been applied to both APC services,  that the UPS shutdown command issued, while a user is logged in, will be able to shut down the PC?



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