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Back-UPS B1000G Buy Batteries or New Unit 9 years old | Back-UPS & Surge Protectors

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Back-UPS B1000G Buy Batteries or New Unit 9 years old

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Dave , 10/15/2019 5:39 AM
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Back-UPS B1000G Buy Batteries or New Unit 9 years old

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  • Spiney

    Today for the First Time my APC Back-UPS 1000 had a failure. It awoke me & the whole house to an F02 Battery Short Event. Per these Forums I pulled the batteries, unplugged the load and turned on to kill the Brain. 

    Re-Power at first looked good. Battery gauge showed full with 475 minutes time. I thought I dodged a bullet. The load is 1 PC with a 280 watt supply and an LCD 24” supply.  A router, switch, and 4GB ext drive.  After about 20 minutes the battery outline was empty & flashing with Beeping. 

    PowerChute said No Battery Attached. 

    I have a degree in electronics, it’s old but I’m pretty good at troubleshooting. A peak inside showed No signs of stressed components except for signs of the plastic battery case seams coming apart. 

    This UPS is 9 years old and the batteries have Never been replaced. 

    My question & concern is I can buy a new battery pack for $49.  But if that’s not the fix, I’ve got non returnable batteries. Or I can buy the New Model of my UPS for $147.

    This UPS has lived an easy life in an air conditioned home office.  Only 1 ever long event where we lost power, weren’t home, and it ran down  This is the first failure event.  If not for the F02 and No Battery Attached, I’d try the battery replacement.  I’m on limited income due to 4 back surgeries and a failed neck surgery so I don’t want to throw good money after a bad product, but I’m also a fix before buy kind of guy.  Opinions, Experience?  Thanks in advance,  Spiney-Dave


  • Spiney

    Forgot Chatted with APC Tech.  Had me run battery self test, it passed 4 times. He recommended replacing the unit because of its age. 

  • Provasek

    I had a 4 year old B1000G.  I would try batteries.  There is no reason for the unit to go bad, but even in standby sealed lead acid batteries are lucky to go past 5 years .  If you wanted to save a few bucks, peel the label off the power pack and you will find 2 12 volt batteries that you can buy for about $35 for 2 online and use the old battery carrier. But if I did it again  I would just buy the battery pack...you have to select replacement batteries of same physical size, same or slightly greater Amp-hours (Ah) and make sure the connector type matches F1 or F2  (although adapters are available)   And local sources for the batteries like Batteries Plus wanted $60 a pair.

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