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BX1000G double chirp beeping, discharges

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Frank , 8/19/2019 4:41 AM
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BX1000G double chirp beeping, discharges

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  • Provasek

    I use a BX1000G to keep a cordless phone base station, modem and wireless router, and alarm system powered.  Typical load is 13 watts.  Not sure when I bought this, but got tired of replacing the $39.95 Cyberpower 450 (ha-ha) things from Walmart every 2 or 3 years.

    All was fine until two nights ago when it started "double chirping" every 2 seconds.  It showed the battery fully charged with 390 minutes,  Nothing unusual on the computer interface.  I pulled the wall plug and it worked fine keeping my equipment powered.  I didn't see anything at all in the manual about this beeping. I plugged it back in,  muted the speaker and went back to bed.  The next morning it showed the battery completely discharged with zero minutes of backup.  Completely discharged while the AC power was on.  I finally reached APC  customer service and they were completely unfamiliar with the double beeping.  Yet they were certain a $75 green battery pack would fix it.  But the bad battery indicator   -- the manual  is confusing that it's either the battery charge icon flashing or a separate icon with an "x" flashing.  Neither one. This was a $119 Black Friday deal at Costco, and I don't want to buy a new battery if the unit has failed.  Disturbing that the company has never seen this mode of beeping makes me think just recycle the whole thing...and never buy another APC product. A video of the display and beeping is attached

  • Provasek

    Five weeks of  no UPS while back and forth with email tech support, live chat support,  phone support,  "Ross" finally escalated my report to "Chandler." It's an unlisted error code not intended for the end-user. Then why does the end user HEAR it but can't find out what it means... That's what hidden service menus are for....

    But it means the battery charging circuit is in the "self protect" mode, meaning the charging circuit has failed and the entire unit needs to be replaced.

    But doesn't self protect mode PROTECT the circuit from failing? Like if there was a short in the battery?

    Oh no, a bad battery would be indicate "REPLACE BATTERY" But that indicator gets triggered by the "smart battery monitor" in the charging circuit , which is being shut down to protect itself...
    Obviously trying to explain to a 2nd level tech support person HOW THEIR OWN PRODUCTS WORK is going no where....so I told "Chandler" -- I will take your advice to replace the entire unit -- WITH ANOTHER BRAND -- and I hung up.

    I took the batteries out, peeling off the  APC label revealed  Kung Long batteries made in Vietnam. One of the batteries tested fine, the other was shorted and measured less than 2 volts. I  got an identical generic battery from Amazon for $16.99 with free next day delivery.  After getting the battery, Got the UPS up and running in less than two minutes.

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