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Titan 3K UPS - Random Self Testing

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Paul , 8/17/2019 2:49 PM
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Posted in: General

Titan 3K UPS - Random Self Testing

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  • SnapperHead

    Hi all  :-)

    Have enjoyed helping many ppl on tech forums for years, but now it's time to ask you wonderful people for some help . . .

    I have a Titan 3K online UPS that is randomly going into 'Self Test' and beeping for no reason that I can find.

    It has been working wonderfully without fault for over two years, and I have just recently replaced all of it's 8x 12v 7.2 AH battery's with brand new 12v 9 AH battery's.

    This battery replacement was due to the unit beeping every now and again and once turned off and shutdown I'd found three(3) of the battery's had not been holding charge and were between 10.5v to 11.5v. So I replaced them all, and restarted the UPS.

    Now every now and again it just randomly beeps and enters a "Self Test" showing the usual LED lights for self test, and recording all self tests into it's log file.  It has no set frequency to this, and sometimes doesn't do it for half hour or so, then will randomly self test again once or twice....  Very strange  !!!

    I have connected the unit via RS232 to an old XP laptop running WinPower and it all looks fine, and battery tests fine etc also. I have checked it's incoming line voltage and Hz thresholds etc and nothing has changed an appears all normal.

    What to do ?  Is there some form of 'Reset' or 'Calibration' I need to do ?

    Just as background, this Titan 3K online UPS (Made by Centralion I think) is only used as a standalone for a home office PC with minimal load (Under 10%) on 240 Volts in Australia and is not networked or connected to any other device.

    Please any idea's or help would be gold smile wink smile

  • UnexpectedBill

    Near as I can tell, the UPS you have is an Eaton product. This particular forum is operated by American Power Conversion and caters to the discussion of their products.

    What you could try, circumstances permitting, is the removal of all power inputs from the UPS, including the batteries. With every power input still disconnected, try turning the UPS on or interacting with its control panel. Don't be surprised if it reacts briefly. Consider letting it rest for a few minutes or longer, just to be sure that everything has been completely depleted of electrical power.

    Reconnect the batteries and whatever sources of line power the unit has. See if its behavior has improved.

    If that doesn't help it, I'd suggest contacting Eaton directly. I don't see their UPS products often, but when I have contacted them, their support has been very good.

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