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UPS Compensating for high input voltage

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by marc , 7/11/2019 5:47 AM
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UPS Compensating for high input voltage

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  • Marc_


    I have a SMX2200HV UPS that is constantly giving me a "Compensation for high input voltage" alarm. I have changed the sensitivity of the UPS to low in the hope that it can take a bit more of a pounding but its still not very happy. The UPS is currently powered off a generator as it is located in a very remote part of Australia and the voltage is obviously not very stable. What is the input voltage tolerance that this UPS can take before it starts causing problems? There is no getting away from this fluctuating power at this site so is there anything i can do to this UPS to make it a bit more resilient? Any works to improve the input power would be difficult due to its remoteness but we were thinking that a ac power filter may be the only option. 

    I have attached a snippet of the log showing the input voltage all over the place. Any suggestions would be great!

    Cheers :P 

  • MattK

    Hi Marc

    I imagine you have done all you can (input voltage set to 240v, sensititvity set to poor, and high transfer point set accordingly) as you are getting the Compensation for high input voltage level which means the AVR is cutting the voltage down as close as it can get to the set input voltage( it can reduce the voltage by 15%), otherwise you would see the UPS going on and off battery.


    Looking at the manual it is capable of handling 276V and reducing it to 235 V with AVR. Above that the UPS will go on battery.


    Whilst you don't have the ideal situation,looking at the data log you've provided,  the UPS is capable of supplying your load with a stable ouput voltage with a few occurences of going on to battery, which may be avoided by upping the High Transfer point up another level.





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