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Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Robert , 7/5/2019 1:26 AM
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  • loosewheelnut

    Hi, I have dragged out my old Upsonic Power 300 UPS which has not been used for countless years and replaced the totally dead 12v 7ah battery.
    I connected it to my computer and switched it on - it starts with flashing the five LED's in sequence on the front panel and then goes back to the green sine wave indicator on the left of the front panel.
    This UPS has a beige plastic cabinet with 5 x LED indicators on the front and a toggle switch for the on/off.
    On the rear it has power in and power out sockets and a 9 pin female socket which is unmarked (I have no idea what this socket is for)..
    The specification sticker on the rear shows Model: MS-300 A  240V  S/No. M8522400.
    Can anyone assist me with a copy of the user manual or where to find the manual for this specific model ?
    Thank you.



  • UnexpectedBill

    You'll probably want to contact Upsonic directly. This forum is for products made by the American Power Conversion company. Near as I can tell, APC didn't have anything to do with the manufacture of your UPS.

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