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APC Smart-UPS 2200VA / power cycle outlets after power returns

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Chris , 6/28/2019 4:58 PM
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APC Smart-UPS 2200VA / power cycle outlets after power returns

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  • dolbyman


    I browsed the forum and knowledge bases (+google) and I haven't found an answer.

    I need a way to powercycle outlets if the power returns, before the UPS runs out of battery.

    Otherwise the devices, that shut down after x amount of minutes of battery backup, will not come back online (they are set to start again after powerloss)

    There must be a way, right?



  • dolbyman


    I can't be the only one with this issue , am I missing something ?

  • UnexpectedBill

    The Smart-UPS can be programmed to utilize a delay before it restores power to any attached load. On an older model (no LCD status screen, just LEDs), this would be programmed using your monitoring software or by sending commands directly to the UPS using the UPSlink (or "APC Smart") command set. The parameter you're looking for is known as the "wake up delay". (Depending upon how long it takes your equipment to safely shut down, you may also need to configure the "sleep" delay. This is what the UPS uses when it's been told by monitoring software to shut down. This delay is provided to give everything attached to the UPS enough time to reach a safe shutdown point.)

    I'm less certain about newer APC UPSes (the "Microlink" models with status displays, no LEDs and control buttons). No doubt they support the same configuration, but the commands are different and not publicly documented. You may be able to configure this from the front panel. Some of these models also support Modbus protocol for monitoring with third party software, but you may have to update the UPS's firmware and you will have to enable Modbus after doing so.

    However you go about doing this, you'll need some monitoring software. APC has some official offerings that I'm not tremendously familiar with, and there is also apcupsd. In the case of either one, you'll want to configure things so that the software will shut everything down safely and command the UPS to turn off after it has done so.

    Unfortunately, there is a potential wrinkle. If the power should come back before the sleep delay has expired and the UPS has cut power to its outlets, it may not obey the command to shut the outlets off.

    You may have to find a better solution externally, perhaps something built out of simple "black box" timers (common in HVAC) or with an inexpensive microcontroller platform such as the Arduino. Just be careful to work safely around electricity at all times, and if you're not sure about something, don't do it.

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