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UPS won't turn off and producing low buzz sound and emitting nasty smell

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Bharadwaj , 4/6/2019 8:54 PM
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UPS won't turn off and producing low buzz sound and emitting nasty smell

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  • bharad91

    My UPS turned off all of a sudden and producing constant beep sound and then I removed it from power supply. Then, again, I turned on and it started producing constant low buzzing sound and now I tried to turn off. This time it didn't turn off and even I removed it from power supply. Nothing happened. Still same low buzzing sound and green light in the power button. It seems it's still on. But there is another thing happened along with that. It was a nasty pungent smell causing very inconvenience. Can't even breathe properly with that smell. That smell is very annoying. I don't know what causes that odor. It even caused slight dizzy feeling when I get near it because of too much odor. I don't know what to do. I was searching online almost an hour to find some information about it. Then, I started wrapping the UPS inside a cardboard box and placed it outside the house. I've opened the windows to get the odor dissipated. I feel little bit comfortable now although I've got a little bit dizzy feel feeling? Hope I'll be alright in a while. Can somebody explain what I'm actually going through? I'm looking for clear explanations although I searched through the internet regarding the same issue. Thanks!

  • wpasquil


    You should unplug the UPS from AC source and power it down. Once that has been done if the UPS is under warranty you should contact local support for assistance. If out of warranty the UPS should be replaced. 

    The smell could be from over heating or possible a bad battery. No matter what the cause you should discontinue using immediately. 

  • bharad91

    The real problem was it didn't turn off even it has been cut from power source. The switch button was not even working despite I pressed it several times. That low buzzing sound kept coming out of it with that pungent smell emission. But after 3-5 hrs, I went out where I kept it to avoid the smell and checked its status. It turned off itself and there was no more odor emission. Then, the next day morning, I dumped it right away in scrape. Planned to buy another one.

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