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Power loss with the apc be700g-az

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Michael , 2/7/2019 2:53 AM
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Posted in: General

Power loss with the apc be700g-az

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  • purplepower

    I currently have two apc be700g-az to test with (recently swapped a battery out on one), and the below happens on both.

    Whenever I have the synology DS1511+ plugged in and turn the power off at the wall, UPS beep a few times and lose power (no battery backup) and then have a constance beep/ noise. This happens with in seconds of turning the power off.

    When I don't have the synology DS1511+ plugged in, and have a PC and monitor plugged in, the battery kicks in and works they way it should.

    How do I test/ troubleshoot from here to see what the issue is? All the equipment works fine when the UPS is turn on.

  • wpasquil


    When the BE700G-AZ omits a constant tone that indicates the UPS is over loaded. The specification sheet for the DS1511+ show the wattage at 68. That should not over load the UPS unless there are other devices connected simultaneously. If noting else is connected at the time  and the usnit has a known good battery it would indicate incompatibility with the power supply. 

  • purplepower
    Thanks will have to get the power supply test on the DS1511+. As I never had an issue before when there has been power loss with the DS1511+ when using the APC UPS
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