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Plugged in NS 1080 for the first time, doesn't detect battery

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Angelo , 2/2/2019 5:34 PM
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  • SoleInvictus
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    Angelo 2/2/2019 5:34 PM

    Hey everyone! I've had this NS1080 (Model# BN1080G) hanging out in the closet for about a year and I decided to finally hook it up. Right off the bat, I get a flashing, empty battery outline. I installed the PowerChute software, which informs me the battery isn't detected. I read a few similar posts suggesting one keep it on and disconnect the power. It switches over to power for around 30 seconds and then dies. When I plug it back in, the status changes to "Your battery backup is operating normally" for a few moments, the unit clicks, and then the software goes back to saying the battery is disconnected.

    So I busted out my trusty multimeter and tested the battery voltage: it's 24.38V. Seems okay. I checked the output on the battery connection in the unit and they read 27.32V, also seems okay.

    I'm a little miffed, given this is a never-used unit. Any advice or have I just been holding onto a dud for the last year?

    Update: I rigged up a little safe discharge unit with a variable resistor between the leads on the battery. It fully discharged in about the time one would expect for a 7A battery, a little under 3.5 hours with a steady current of 2A. It looks like the unit is the issue, not the battery.

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