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UPS USB cable confusion

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by steven , 1/10/2019 12:08 AM
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Posted in: General

UPS USB cable confusion

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  • lemmy999

    I am in need of one of the USB to APC UPS data cables. I have seen the part numbers listed as:

    940-0127E, 940-0127B, and AP9827

    Also, the description (even on the APC website) as "USB to RJ45" and I have also seen "USB to ethernet".   

    However RJ45/ethernet/8P8C connectors are 8 pins.  Not 10 pins.  However the APC data cable I have and everyone online that has a good enough picture to count the pins have a 10 pin connector.  So it is an RJ50 or 10P10C connector..NOT and RJ45.  

    My questions are:

    1) which part number do I need?  Are all three of those equivalent?

    2) So how can I be sure I am buying the correct cable when every single description of these cables seems to be wrong.

    Thank you.  

  • TomC

    Hi Steven,

    Can you please tell me the model number of the UPS so I can check this for you.



  • wpasquil


    All 3 cables are similar. The 940-0127 with a letter at the end only indicates a revision of the cable. The AP9827 is the SKU used to sell the 940-0127? cable. 

    As for the pinning, you are correct. The cable is listed as RJ45 which is 8 pins. The cable is actually RJ50 10 pin. The reason it is listed as RJ45 is because the general public understand what an RJ45 cable is so for simplicity the cable is listed as such.

    As Tom wrote earlier if you provide the model number of the UPS found on the bar code sticker on the back or bottom we can verify the unit in fact does work with those cables.  

  • lemmy999

    I have 2 units.  The first one is the one I need the cable for.  The second one has a cable and it works on both of them.  But there is no part number on the bag or the cable itself so I didn't know which one to get.  

    BR1500G (does not have a cable)

    BR1500MS (has a cable)

    Thank you.   

  • wpasquil
    This discussion is marked as answered


    Both of the units will use the 940-0127? or AP9827

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