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Back UPS CS 500 - Configure killpower delay

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Piergiorgio , 1/9/2019 4:42 PM
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Back UPS CS 500 - Configure killpower delay

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  • development.moretto
    Hi, I'm using a Back UPS CS 500 unit connected to a desktop computer. The desktop computer is configured to always boot on power on events.
    When the power fails, the UPS unit runs on batteries for 30 seconds, then a shutdown request is sent to the computer. At the same time, the killpower option is enabled to power off the UPS unit.  
    Everything works fine if the mains return after the UPS unit and the computer have been  powered off. But if the mains return when the UPS unit is running on batteries and the computer is already switched off, the computer does not boot.
    Is there a way to reduce the default killpower delay? Or maybe there is a workaround to make the computer booting in these situations?
    Thanks in advance,
  • wpasquil


    What software are you running on the OS and does the UPS power off. The UPS should still power off, wait a few seconds and then power back on. That should trigger the OS to start. 

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