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Green Power Light Blinks on APC NS 600 (After unit quits and restarts)

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Ralph , 8/9/2018 12:51 AM
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  • GreenLight
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    Ralph 8/9/2018 12:51 AM My APC NS 600 screams, reboots the computer (which takes a second or less) then continues to work for hours or days and then does it all over again. The only light on there is the GREEN power light. Once the computer is back up...I shut it down properly. Turn the APC off and back on which resets the green power light to solid again from the post shut down blinking condition. I have read of every color of light doing this and that....but how about my 600 screaming, dying, and coming back up in the space of a second and shutting my PC down in the process? I have found not one ref to the shutdown blinking green light. I don't really care one way or the other about the blinking green light mind you. It's the only thing that is different after an incident. But it seems like if I recycle the beast to the proper solid geen... it runs longer before doing the shutdown again. As soon as I send this... the computer goes off...and I stop the blinking and reboot everything. Grrrr! Some of the problem today was that I had just congratulated the hateful thing a couple of hours ago for working for the last few days! I'd mucho appreciate your help.
  • SecretSquirrel
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    Secret 8/9/2018 2:12 PM (in response to Ralph)

    Hi Ralph,

    The BN600 will emit an constant tone which definitely does sound as if it's screaming at you, for 1 of 3 reasons.

    1. The internal battery is at it's end of life and requires replacement.
    2. The UPS has been Overloaded when attempting to switch to battery power
    3. There is an internal fault in the units' circuitry and it needs to be replaced.

    The internal battery in the most optimal conditions can last between 3-5yrs, however depending upon the environment, the batteries life could be much shorter.

    Secret Squirrel

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