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APC XS1300 BACK-UPS Issue with Battery

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Chris , 8/3/2018 4:09 PM
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  • chrismck
    New Member New Member
    Chris 8/3/2018 4:09 PM

    Got 2 XS1300's to add to my existing one (been using it for years), seems like retailers in Canada are selling off these units (ie Staples) assume this model is now End-Of-Line.  Was happy to pickup 2 before that cause I REALLY like this UPS.  1 Seems to work fine, other is exhibiting battery issue.  The purchase was prompted bu the original UPS having the occasional battery hiccup.  Every once in a while it's battery flashes empty for a few seconds the goes back to solid / full.  So I'll be buying a replacement for that Battery soon. But on to the new ones...

    Of the two units, one is displaying Battery issues (I believe).  First off I'll include pics of boxes/model/serial# and a pic of the symbol that's showing up in the display.  My older unit doesn't have this particular symbol and it isn't mentioned in the manual so I was stumped.  I just assumed I hadn't flipped the battery correctly / or it wasn't making contact correctly.  But I left it over night for the suggested 16h to see if the issue resolved itself cause with checks using a fluke meter the battery was Charging.  Started around ~12V and over several checks... 14.5V, 17.3V and last night around 19.1V )haven't checked it since) but the Symbol is still there and the Battery symbol is empty / flashing.  I've included a pic of the symbol.

    Does this mean the battery is pooched?  Any suggestion recommendations / tests (stupid user installations etc) would be appreciated.  Haven't done any of the Registration stuff on the paperwork, but could do that now if necessary.

    Sorry about poor pic of the symbol in LCD embarassed - I drew one in Illustrator to show better what it looks like.


    Wanted to update the post - I decided for 'fun' to pull the Cord and see how this UPS would react, All I got was a long continuous beep and F02 on the display, then after about 5 second it shut off.  I checked the voltage of the battery now and it's around 21.5 (although I'm not really sure what the voltage should be I assume 2 batteries/cells so 24V?). I'll just keep leaving it ON and plugged in to see if the batteries reach that level).  Have to look around for what F02 means.

  • chrismck
    New Member New Member
    Chris 8/8/2018 3:14 PM (in response to Chris)

    Given up.  One unit works other one is being tossed (expensive lesson), and rather then replacing old battery on older XS1300 I'm giving Cyber Power a try seem like they have similar LCD sytle models.  Maybe I'll have better luck. Thx

  • SecretSquirrel
    =S= Representative
    Secret 8/9/2018 2:19 PM (in response to Chris)

    Hi Chris,

    The unit in question has a three year warranty from the date of purchase or from the serial number date code. I would recommend you contact an APC Call Center for additional assistance in troubleshooting. If with three years, they will likely either replace the unit or send a replacement battery, depending upon the need.

    Secret Squirrel

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