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3 out of 7 UPS Batteries Fail in small office

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by jim , 7/11/2018 9:37 PM
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  • jfiglik
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    jim 7/11/2018 9:37 PM

    In a small office, protected by a building Surge Protector and connected by a natural gas electrical generator, 3 of 7 APC UPS units dropped onto battery power and would not come back online. No electrical event occurred (that I'm aware of). I don't have a 'scope, so I cannot check the quality of my power, but the 4 other APC UPS units did not complain, drop, or otherwise sound any alarms. These are ES750, XS900, & XS1500.

    The units failing, were an XS1000, XS1500 & ES500. Granted, I had plug compatible batteries in them but they were installed over a wide range of time but failed within an hour of each other.

    But the reason that I am documenting this event is that all three were replaced with APC-branded replacement batteries. But all 3 would not immediately come up, even after performing the brain-dead procedure (unplug all clients, unplug, the unit from the wall, disconnect the battery, push & hold the ower button for 5 seconds). All did, eventually, but the default action of all of the units was to go straight to battery power.

    With the battery connected, no clients plugged in and with the unit plugged into a good power source, I ensured the unit was powered down, with no LEDs lit. I then pushed and held the unit's power button down for 5 seconds or so, until the Battery, Overload & Replace Battery LEDs all flashed... twice, then let up. The On-Line LED flashed for (about) 10-15 seconds and then came on solid. Since then, the unit seems to be solid enough to connect up to clients.

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